FF24 - forum members meetup


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Is there any intrest in having a designated time & place for fourm members to meet at FF24?

Maybe a designated flying time? Share your thoughts & ideas.


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I am all for that Merv! I know sometimes Flite Fest kinda just happens and plans go out the window, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try!


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What really would jazz things up if you had schedule roundtable discussions each day covering specific issues dealing with RC. So invite some of the Flite Test designer's and others specialist to share and interact with the audience your concepts, ideas, experiments, testing, etc.

Imagine the feedback from the audience and Flite Test corporation could glean if properly presented.

Examples: Most designs explore the past , and with the future coming of NGAD planes(rudderless and jet/ram powered), what are the problems associated with them and how are they solving them? I bet the audience has solved some of the problems. How about the future of 3D printing and its problems.

Get the idea. That would be informative for both sides.