FFE'18 WWII - Messerschmitt P.1110/II


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FTCC'18 WWII Messerschmitt P.1110/II designed by Fluburtur

So, time to open this thread since I entered the challenge.

And this will really be a challenge, I never properly designed a plane, all my scratch built were done in one afternoon so this will be interesting.

As the title suggests I will be building a Messerschmitt p.1110/II, one of the planes designed at the end of WWII as part of the emergency fighter program. Sadly it never made it past the drawing board so informations on this model are quite hard to find, but there is at least one RC one that flies.

Scale: 1/10 (approx 80cm wingspan and 1m body)
Flying weight: approx 1kg
Speed: probably rather fast

The plane will be built out of cardboard with a hexagonal body and FT style wing, it will have either a pusher prop or EDF unit.
It uses 4 to 10 servos (4 for control surfaces, 2 for flaps, 3 for retracts and 1 for ejection seat if done)
No flight controller needed but one could be used to sequence retracts and do custom mixes.
Uses a power pack B or C equivalent (I use 4s 2200mah/2212 1000kv/8x4 prop) or 70mm EDF unit.
Could make a pretty decent FPV plane too.


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Excellent!! Really excited to see the progression here as you design with different materials than the US foam board right from the beginning.

This will be very valuable for all our friends around the world who don't have ready access to DTFB, and with this constraint in place from the start rather than trying to convert later, I have high expectations for success! :)


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Be wary if you noticed when that one in the video landed. There was a LOT of wing rocking so maybe a little more surface area on the flaps to aid keeping it more stable for landings. I think the insulation foam would be perfect for this with the split rounded fuselage between the main fuse and the air inlets for the motor.


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Right now im still not sure wether to use foam or cardboard so I was thinking foam body with cardboard wings, this way I can build in some undercamber FT style to make it more stable. Anyway I don't have a hot wire suited for wings.


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Why not do both! A FB/cardboard wing and a foam wing. make the wings swappable in case one set suffers from low performance or build error and so a damaged wing does not end your test flying. A foam wing would also make a great static display and the flying could be done with the other.

Have fun!


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Well I just finished my prop making studies so I should know the first thing about sanding foam.

Also a few other peoples are doing end of war german plane so we need to make a squadron of those with matching paint scheme and insignas and all!

I suggest everyone joins the Flite Test discord server, I will ask the guy to add a challenge section this way we can talk there without having to spam posts on the forum https://discord.gg/aKrdx38
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First victory!

My first try at designing and building my own wing is successful so im pretty happy about that.
There are a few minor problems like the trailing edge being a bit low so that might act like flaps which is not what I would want for a speedy plane, other than that the build went very smoothly.

I built the spar on the go and the front spar cut line is actually coming from the drawing im basing my design on so I guess it is scale I will also have room to fit the flap servo and only a little rework is needed to fit the aileron servo nicely.

Im happy that the wings are easy, it will give me more time to make the body which will be quite complicated.

Anyways, it's almost 2am so time I go to bed!


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nice job on the wing,
and I'm with Userofmuchtape&glue definitely try and make the spar thinner it will lessen your drag and help improve your speed, also I've found when making curved airfoils out of cardboard they can get heavy so keep your weight down or, what I once did is cut holes in the wing and cover the open area with tape to shave off some weight but it did lessen the strength..........I know from first hand experience:p


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Actually I did a test fit of the flap servo and the spar is the perfect size to nicely put it inside the wing with only the curved part of the servo poking out to I will keep it like that, if you noticed on the original the trailing edge of the wing has a curve that goes into the body so I might bend the trailing edge up a bit so it blends nicely with the body.

It might reduce lift a bit but then it will also reduce drag and I will still have flaps when I need extra lift, guess it's win/win on this one!

I only need to cut a corresponding hole on the top of the spar to gain another 5mm and this will be perfect :cool:

EDIT: added the aileron servo too

Now I need to update the plans to add the servo holes and make the spar
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I built wing prototype 2 and 3, they were meant to go together but there is a slight height difference due to building innacuracy.
This time I had cardboard that isn't 5mm thick so it went a bit different but the design can allow for some leeway.
I made the spar go thinner at the end of the wing, it starts at 2cm and ends at 1 so I will have to make a hole in the bottom panel to fit the aileron servo. At least you foamboard peoples won't have to worry about your materials being different thickness!

EDIT: I actually glued them together

At least I can make a Horten 229 if I need to.
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I started making the "engine pod" of the plane, both to test my design of former rings and spar and to make a "mold" for the fuselage panels.


It actually starts to look like an airplane, however the angle of the plane is wrong so I will have to revise the end ring.


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One guy already have a flying proto im quite behind too, I only have the wings done so far.
Also making a round fuselage out fo cardboard proved to be too difficult so I made an octagonal one

It won't look as good but will be so much simpler to make, will look like a steampunk jet heh

if someone would join me in vocal on the discord to give me moral support that would be great, im slacking a lot
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I will go on vacations soon and won't be able to work on the plane so I started designing the retract system
It's basically a geneva drive driven by a standard 9g servo, this way the gear can go up/down and then lock in position so there is no stress on the servo itself.
But the geneva drive can't produce a 90° movement from a 180° input, the output of this one will have to move 120° so either I have the gears go deep into the wings/fuselage or be angled when down.
Also this system is very compact, the case you see if only 35mm tall! (in the axis of the photo)
I will of course release those files when im done, this could be a great cheap and compact retracts system.


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Wow - I sure hope this works out well - I'd love to be able to print a good set of retracts!


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Peoples seem to enjoy seeing other's vacations so why not pot about mine since im stuck in the mountains for another week.

First, helping my couz fly her syma quad, it's really fun
Sans titre 1.jpg

Then I treed my new P-47
Sans titre 2.jpg

Met some cows

Saw some terrible parking

Climbed a whole mountain, the Puy Mary to be exact


Just look at that incline!


Then went to the "Col du Redondet", it's a paraglider takeoff point and I wanted to try slope soaring but there was no wind.


That's about all, tell me if you want more pictures because I did take a lot!