FFE'18 WWII - Messerschmitt P.1110/II


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Wow - that is really cool and interesting. I'm going to have to strap a camera to my planes to gather more data on crashing.
I agree that the right wing looks like it folded downward - the wrong way from lift.


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This is why I think the plane was going into stalls
So, I glued that back and went to the field with my friend
This is a picture from before the flying
This is the flying
And this is after
All the front is pretty much trashed so I will have to rebuild it but this time I will try to fill most of it with expansing foam so it holds better on crashes.
Btw I added the plans for the cockpit on the drive, not perfect but in case someone wants to build it.


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Well I have kinda lost steam and been working on other projects like this wire cut flying wing that I plan to sell kits off to peoples in my town to make me some money.

As for the Messerschmitt I need to find some motivation, rebuilding the exact same airplane wouldn't be really useful as the only part that needs re-design at this point is the canopy that is just slightly too large.
I need to work on the EDF version but as I don't have any EDF unit I can't really do that so I would need a beta builder, Damo said he could do that I think but he might be doing other stuff too.
The regular version also needs a better power system, oh well at least someone is still interested in this :eek: