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Filament suppliers

Are there any places (other than Amazon) that are a good source for filament. I used to get grab bags from MakerGeeks during sales (can't beat the price), but the last order I made in October has still not been processed. There were a lot of promises, but my last inquiry had them just cancel the order. After some research it sounds like they are having some serious issues. Did not have issues with them in the past, but am now looking for another supplier.


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I'm an absolutely brand new newbie to 3D printing. I got the Dikale white PLA from Amazon and besides my stoopid mistakes the product has been exceptional for the first 4 prints. Not inclusive of my corrections for stoopid adhesion mistakes! I'm a total newbie and have no clue what I'm talking about but this reel of Dikale has been flawless for me aside from my mistakes. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079BYK2DT/?tag=lstir-20 I've been lucky so far. Why risk that luck? Why not. I'll need another roll soon. Will likely order the exact same again from Amazon.



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Yeah I just had to update the filament reviews thread with my latest negative experience with MakerGeeks: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/filament-reviews.32616/page-3#post-447117

I still love the Atomic Filament for high quality: https://atomicfilament.com They're not the cheapest...but they are very high quality and USA made. There are discount codes for them if you search a bit and they have a points program that can help save over repeated purchases.

I also finally gave in and got some Inland PLA and Nylon from microcenter since it's cheap and a lot of people say good things about it. I haven't actually tried printing with any of it yet.

You didn't want Amazon so I'll leave off hatchbox ;)

I'm really impressed by the PLA that Prusa shipped with my MK3. Beautiful, prints great, and very well spooled. But overseas ordering is kind of annoying for filament - they are supposedly working on getting it on Amazon though (except again you wanted to avoid amazon.)
Jason, It is not that I wanted to avoid Amazon, just looking for other sites that may possibly have sales, bargains, etc. I have a project to pring hinges for our clubs FPV gates and estimate I will need 4-5 rolls of PETG to print them all. I had ordered some grab bags from Maker Geeks during their sales, but they never delivered. Finally got my refund after several e-mails.


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I've had a lot of luck with the AmazonBasic branded filament. I also use 3d Solutech also found on amazon. Both of which are about $16-22 a roll. I use PLA tho, never used PETG so no real imput there.
But looking on Amazon the 3d Solutech PETG stuff has 4.5/5 stars and is $20 a roll. That's what I would go with.


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I've always used either Atomic or Maker Geeks for PETG. I liked the MG PETG better than their PLA - but obviously won't be doing business with them again. Just bought my first roll of Hatchbox PETG off amazon and am really happy with it so far - seems just as good as their PLA (and my only complaint about their PLA is not being able to find the colors I want in stock.)