First build: Mighty Mini Mustang


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Hi Everyone,

Just another noob coming and asking for help. I started flying a Zohd Nano Talon a few months ago. I decided to get into building my own. For my first build I bought the Might Mini Mustang kit and power pack A. I have completed the build and attempted to maiden today and it just felt like I wasn't getting enough thrust. I never got enough forward momentum to create lift (or so it seemed).

I am using a 3 cell 850mah battery, is that too heavy for this little plane? How do I know if there is something off with my thrust angle? I'm unsure about how to go about debugging this issue.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


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A 3s 850 battery isn't too heavy, and not developing enough thrust is unrelated to the angle of that thrust. Something could be wrong with your motor/propeller. Is the prop on backwards? The numbers should be on the "front" side, facing in the direction of flight.

An A-pack with a 3-cell is on the lower end of the power spectrum, though, so it's possible that every component is working perfectly. If your plane is reasonably light, you shouldn't have a problem maintaining normal flight.

Whatever it turns out to be, make sure to give it a firm toss when you hand-launch it. Good luck!


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Thanks for the responses, I am pretty sure the prop is on backwards. I will check that first thing in the morning. I left it in the shop. Hoping that is it!


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I would also recommend checking the ESC calibration. Depending on your tx, the method may vary - just google "{your transmitter} esc calibration".

And WRT the amount of thrust - the technique I like is holding the plane by nose in vertical orientation (tail towards the ground), and slowly increase the throttle.. if the plane wants to escape (towards the sky lol) your grip, you have more than enough thrust.. and if it's not escaping but maintaining it's position alright, it would be OK too.. This may not be very accurate, but works fine for me!


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woooo hoooo guys another pilot up in the air congrats every one. let the fun begin One more question guys how do i keep my plane from chasing me?