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First crash questions


Junior Member
Took out my Bixler 2 the other day for my first flight. It was glorious! Lasted a whole 8 seconds :cool: . It broke a control horn on the elevator so I couldn't try again right away. Thinking of going out and trying again this evening, just have a question: The leading edge of one of my wings got pretty dented, how 'together' does the leading edge have to be for flight to be ok? I cleaned it up but you can still definitely tell that I had a hard 'landing'. Thinking of throwing some tape on it to make it more smooth again, good idea?


Dedicated foam bender
Tape on the leading edge is a good idea. Not only will it "smooth" out that last landing, it will help protect it on the next one! Just be sure to keep it as smooth as you can with no wrinkles being the goal but it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect.