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First design - Sub 250g FPV Wing

I've built quite a few FT models, RcPowers, various designs from rcgroups, etc. However, other then some tweaking and modifying I've never done my own design.

Sub 250g matters depending where you live. Where I live being under 250g means no registration, no license, no logbook of all flights and maintenance :rolleyes:. So, just flying for fun with a little common sense, of course.

My goals with this one were really simple.
  • Sub 250g
  • HD Recording
  • Full iNav setup
  • Great flying characteristics
I was inspired by various designs like the Nano Goblin, FT Goblin, Nano Drak, and the E-Wings Vortini

Flight Videos:

Design and build instructions:

The YouTube description for the design and build has all the components used.