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First Fixed Wing and First Build: FT Tiny Traine electronics.

So I ordered my Power Pack A tonight. My 3S 800 mah LiPo arrived. The urge hits. I pull a motor and esc from the junk bin. Solder it up. Plug it in (ch 1 just like on the video). Beep beep beep beep won't arm. Then it hits me in the video they always hook up Spektrum or Graupner (motor on ch 1). And my FrSky Taranis Plus is set up like Futaba, Airtronics, and Hi Tech, throttle on ch 3. Wow magically the ESC will calibrate and work. But the motor spins clockwise. Two minutes for the soldering station to heat up and motor spins counter clockwise.

I knew I set my FrSky Taranis Plus as AETR. But after watching Josh Bixler do the Spektrum/Graupner twice a day for 12 days....
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I love my Tiny Trainer / Taranis combo - I'm sure you will too! Learning my way around the radio definitely had a learning curve, but there are lots of helpful folks on the forums to get you though it.

One thing I wish I had done on my first Tiny Trainer build the first time was to reinforce the skewer holes in the body with a piece of hot glued gift card. This will help make sure that any nose impact will cause most of the damage to the sacrificial power pod and keep the airframe in good shape. I did this on body #2 and it's held up very well through 2 power pods now. :)

Good luck!
Yes, as Rockyboy said, definitely reinforce. I learned that lesson the hard way and now the outside of a few of my planes look haggered. Another tip, if you just LOVE crashing like I do, is to reinforce wing leads and underbellies. On my storch and fogey I use white duct tape from body to tip and it makes a world of difference when I go down. But even a little masking tape will do. Just iron out the wrinkles.