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First FPV flight


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Hi all, new to the forum and relatively new to RC flight. I had picked up a set of FPV goggles and camera as a package deal. Well, I was out at the flying field and decided to put the camera on top of a small quad I have using velcro. The angle of the camera was totally wrong once I took off and the wind caught the small quad making matters worse. I lost all orientation. By the time I cut power and removed the goggles, I had no idea where it was. The other gentleman at the field was working on his craft and didn't see where it went either. It took some time with both of us looking but the quad was eventually found. Lesson learned - have an observer and make sure they are watching. I am not blaming the other gentleman. I am totally at fault because I didn't communicate with him that I needed an observer. (After all, I knew what I was doing.)

I'm at least a month off using my FPV gear on a quad. Good to hear you found it, these quads get expensive fast especially with FPV gear on them. I usually have two spotters neither of them have any air worthy aircraft at the moment and come and watch me fly. That is going to change soon once they finish their builds. Good luck in the future with your FPV flying.


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You can also try a DVR. I use this one and it allows me to record the video I see in the goggles and to replay that video to see where I crashed right at the field without a PC.

It's not expensive and with a tripod and good antennas it gets better reception than my FatSharks if I place it up high.

It also allows other people to see what I see while I am flying and to show that on the big screen at the club.

Nothing beats a spotter and not having a spotter is probably illegal, but I find this handy no matter who's at the field.