First plane, first build questions =)


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Hi guys, im living in Thailand, Bangkok and i found ur website on youtube, got really interested in all this rc flying stuff, but never even hold any rc in my hands like ever =D
After long time of searching and watching FT videos i finally decide to try to make one, i pick FT viggen as i informed its could go fast \ slow, easy to control \ fix...

So i got a biggest problem haha im russian in thailand who speaks no thai language, so its quite hard for me to find anything i need: foam board \ parts etc...
Finally after a week of searching i got FOAM BOARD! Its 3mm instead of 5mm but its sandwitch one, which is good, not a super big differense as i started to build it, have to make a bit smaller holes for connecting FT viggen foam board cut parts together, also find a glue gun but its kinda getting hard too fast like really fast, also a bit worry about the hot glue, cause its really hot in thailand around 30-38 on sun 365 days per year haha, anyway so i dont have a laser printer i have no idea where i can get it, i printed like 30 sheets of A4 with parts of the plane on it, also check if printings ar perfect size than cut it all put together than put on foam board draw it there and cut it.

Than i bought 2 servos 9g blue one got some little stuff for plane, but my BIGGEST problem is the rest: Motor, ESC, Radio + reciver, battery and also make it all work together, and another problem as a newbie i dont feel like spending much money what so ever =)
so i got 2 servos around 4.5$ each at Local store
he also gave me a 70mm Fan edf motor which was a super crazy price around 80$ and it look damaged inside with lines and its so heavy so it stun me right the way and i decide to look for it at ebay, anyway after long searching i got a MOTOR!!! =D

Motor is
70 mm duct Fan
3000 KV brushless Duct Fan motor for 70 mm Duct Fan
Recommend to use 14.8v 4s lipo battery
For most RC Jet EDF Model
Weight: 44 grams (70mm Duct Fan) / 98 gram (Motor)
the max thrust :1250g
max current : 43A
recommend esc : 50A
recommend number of cells : 4s lipo battery

okay well it was super cheap and i love it around 30$ or so
my problem is cause im a newbie i have no idea wht ESC is better and wht battery is better, i clearly can read Recommendations, but i really want you guys to help me find out the best not expensive setup based on my MOTOR and FT VIGGEN build =)

for example if i buy 3s lipo battery is it okay? i mean is it gonna work just fine? for around maybe 15$ or so

What about ESC? found one for (11$):
Output current: persistent current 40A (Transient current 50A, sustainable for 10 seconds)
Input power: 5-10 NiMH / Ni-Cd batteries or 2-3 lithium batteries
BEC output: 5V/3A
Size: about 52 x 26 x 9 mm

can i use this stuff together? or what could be better? more specific information will help me a lot =)


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If you got the time - White wood glue is perfect for foam. It takes a lot of hot weather without any problems, but needs at least 24 hours to cure if inside foam.

Do not buy the cheapest (Lo C-rate) battery. A 2200 3 cell with 40-50 C will be fine.
You might want to look for the next size speed controller to get some distance to the limit if you are flying in hot weather and cant get the optimum cooling from your fan. Also a controller that you can upgrade to 4 cells as it gets a lot more thrust from your fan.

The fan will work fine with 3 cells. Check 2 minutes inte the vid to see 2 Draken flying 70 mm (actually 68 mm) on 3 cells.
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okay thanks for info, so basically more "C" on batter more fly time? or more Mah more fly time? cause i start to understand things a bit but not that much yet.
btw u said 4S would give my motor more trust, more trust more speed(power)? so its like 1S give me almost nothing, 2S gives a bit, 3S can give like 70% and 4S will give me all 100% ?

About ESC i found this one is it perfect right?
as it says
Battery: Nicd / NiMh 5-18 Li-Poly 2-6
2-6 Cells right?
Mystery Fire Dragon 60A Brushless ESC RC Speed Controller 3A BEC

thank you a lot for help


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That esc will do. Especially on a 3s. A "c" rating will not give you more flight time. The higher the C rating the more power the battery can supply without stressing the battery. With an EDF you want a high c rated battery because you're going to be drawing a lot of current. The mah is what gives you your longer flight times. 2200mah will give you longer flights than a 1800mah etc.As far as cells go, yes the more cells the more Voltage the battery has. A 3s is basically a 12v battery. A 4s is about 15v. So a 4s will make your viggen much faster, but I wouldn't recommend worrying about a lot of power until you learn to fly. I've never flown a viggen but don't be discouraged if you crash it. It might not be the best plane to learn on but it'll be fun either way! Good luck.


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more mah = more time
more C = better "punch" = more amp = more power.
Your fan recommendation says 4 cells = 100% Power
3 cell = 75% voltage , but power is normally exponential or square = more like 55-60% - but it will be enough for normal flying with a light foamie.


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I hate to crush your plans but start with the FT Flyer. The viggen is not the greatest beginner plane to fly or build


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I started on the nutball, then quickly moved to the FT Flyer, then after my last Flyer was stolen in the Autumn, I made an FT22 in and picked up flying again in the Spring. Almost all my early flights were really short ones often with unplanned landings. :) I posted videos of most of my early flights on YouTube:

If you learn to fly like I learned to fly, you might have to make several replacement noses for the Viggen. At least you won't have to deal with breaking propellers. :)


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If you MUST start with a jet (styled) aircraft, then you should probably build the FT-22 first. It will be easier to fly and you could make it look like the T-50 PAK FA. An American trying to appeal to a Russian with an American plane. Ain't that ironic.