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ft viggen

  1. F2G2Corsair

    Cold War Jets, EDF Series Please!

    Hi everyone. One of my favorite Flite Test designs was the FT Viggen, and I was wondering if the Flite Test Team could do a Cold War Jet EDF Series this winter. I would love to see the F-105 Thunderchief built much like the Viggen was. How about we put it to a vote? Each person vote for the Cold...
  2. James Y

    One Piece EDF for FT Viggen

    I am hoping someone can recommend a good all-in-one EDF unit for the Ft Viggen, ideally from HobbyKing, or somewhere in Canada. I originally bought this setup, but had my Fan explode on spool up...: Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) 10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit...
  3. C

    Videos on Gasers/EDF/Balsa/etc. please!

    Hello everyone/Flite Test, I've noticed that the free video content Flite Test offers is mainly [if not entirely] videos related to foamies or RC planes in general. Although I haven't ventured into flying Gasers and EDF jets [and other means of propulsion and building materials], in the future...
  4. A

    FT viggen question

    Will the FT viggen be able to hold this motor? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F49489%5F%5FDr%5FMad%5FThrust%5F70mm%5F11%5FBlade%5FAlloy%5FEDF%5F1900kv%5FMotor%5F1900watt%5F6S%5F.html It seems like the thrust is too high, will the frame hold up?
  5. A

    Is this a right model for the FT viggen?

    I want to get an EDF for the ft viggen, however I want to make sure that this is the right edf. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F49489%5F%5FDr%5FMad%5FThrust%5F70mm%5F11%5FBlade%5FAlloy%5FEDF%5F1900kv%5FMotor%5F1900watt%5F6S%5F.html Does it have too high of a thrust? Will the...
  6. A

    Need Help! FT viggen setup?!

    Hello everybody. It is within my great intent to say that this is my first forum post and I believe we all know it is going to lack Rc knowledge. Which leads to my first point. I need to know a set up that I can buy online that has all the electronics of the FT viggen. (Motor, ESC, Battery...
  7. S

    E-Flite Apprentice S15e or ParkZone T-28 Trojan?

    Hey everyone, I am Silvester, I'm 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I recently ( about 2 months ago) bought a HobbyZone Super Cub S RTF, and I have become addicted to flying it since then. I fly as much as I can, but there is a lot of windy, wet and cold weather (It's winter), so...
  8. J

    FT Viggen receiver/transmitter help

    HI, I just order a FT Viggen and the Ultimate Electronics package so I have everything for the plane except a transmitter and the receiver. What is the cheapest transmitter and receiver that will have fully function the FT Viggen. (By the way I don't have any other receiver or transmitter)
  9. A


    Hi , im a newbie and this is my first plane. I made this from scratch , (used Depron Sheet instead of dollar tree) My specs : MOTOR : Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) ( its ratted 4s) EDF : change sun 10 blade 70mm Battery : Zippy 3s 2600mah 25 c Esc: 40-50A HK (opto only) I took it for...
  10. R

    First plane, first build questions =)

    Hi guys, im living in Thailand, Bangkok and i found ur website on youtube, got really interested in all this rc flying stuff, but never even hold any rc in my hands like ever =D After long time of searching and watching FT videos i finally decide to try to make one, i pick FT viggen as i...
  11. B

    Pass the Transmitter

    I did my maiden flight of my scratch-built FT Viggen today. I built it as a pusher with a Turnigy D2826/6 2200KV motor, 40 amp speed controller, 3s 2200mah battery, and an 8x4 prop. I just ordered the components, and In the next week or two I'll build one with an EDF. After my flight, I...
  12. P

    My FT Viggen will not take off. Help..

    I recently built my FT Viggen with the swappable power pod option. I could not make my FT Viggen take off even with full throttle. What am I doing wrong? This is my configuration: Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 2822-1090kv ESC: Hobbyking SS Series 25-30A ESC Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh...
  13. raptor3dpilot

    Just ordered my FT Viggen and Gear!!

    Oh man, I am so stoked that I just purchased the FT Viggen SBK (Killer deal for the amount of work put into the design) and I also purchased the Grayson Hobby 70mm EDF Power Package-Ultimate!! :cool: :p This is going to be my first EDF build/aircraft, so I'm ready for this thing to arrive...