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First school event !!!


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So my daughter is a school teacher and asked me if I would come show some drones to her school for there stream day ( like stem but they add art and robots ) So I've only been flying for 6 months give or take but was very excited but very nervous...but it was awesome !!! The kids loved it set up a FPV screen and some cheap Cyclops goggles .. compared with video games told how to know the different names of drones by quadcopter and tricopter (2nd and 3rd graders) by motor count. Then flew around while they watched on screens...only wrecked twice but had like 6 or 7 groups of 10+ kids just had a blast and the kids said they loved it as well. Just wanted to share my blessing. Would not have happen if not for flite test group as well as others on utube. Got a few pictures hope I can load them... K can't get to work I will keep trying but thanks and God bless.
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Awesome mate. Good to see a good response to "drones" in a community. Guess we can tackle all the bad press one class room at a time if we have to. Seems like you had just as much fun as the kids did.