Flip 1.5 showing roll when on a flat table


Hey guys.
I just built my second electrohub (one for my brother). After trying to maiden it and having it inexplicably flip over every time we powered up (turned out to be a gyro calibration issue as wiring, motor direction, props etc were all correct).

After getting that sorted I went into MultiWiiConf to turn on Angle mode for him. For some reason the quad is always showing rolled in the app (see screenshot).

I've tried re-calibrating the accelerometer and the mag multiple times (it gives no feedback as to when it's finished calibrating in MultiWiiConf).

Does anyone know how to fix that roll issue?

I don't trust that the accelerometers etc calibrated correctly so I'll do it again outside the app once I'm done.


Also here's a pic of his quad next to mine. He's gone for the more traditional X layout.



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I believe what you need to do is recalibrate the gyro... not the accelerometer; although, it shouldn't hurt to do that as well. There wouldn't be a magnetometer/compass on the flip1.5, so you won't be able to calibrate that.

Normally, the board should calibrate the gyro automatically on startup, but if it was powered up and not perfectly still during initialization, that might explain this. You can manually calibrate the gyro with stick commands -- I think it was zero throttle, left full rudder and the blue LED should flash.


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It is accelerometer that needs to be calibrated to fix that, gyro will re-cal automatically on boot each time but accel cal is kept across reboots and is what defines level. Set the quad flat and steady - then do a forced gyro cal first followed by an accel cal. If it's still showing up like that and the board is mounted flat then you probably have a bad acceleromter and will have to contact RTFQ about replacing the board. I see the blue line from the accel dipping and coming back so it looks like you did do a cal but are still off like you said.

You could try doing an eeprom clear on the board first - it's done through arduino and is in the examples. Just load the eeprom clear sketch, wait for the light on the board to stop blinking, then reload your MW sketch and reconfigure everything. I've seen bad eeprom data cause a problem like that before.

The Z value on your accell looks way off...not sure what could be causing that - I'd double check the board mounting and clear everything then try calibrations again.


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It's really strange that your GYR is not showing 0/0/0. The lines on the chart are flat, indicating that the copter is stationary, but the non-zero GYR values would indicate that the copter was continuously spinning, which it certainly wasn't.

ACC problems can be circumvented by flying in Acro mode, which does not use the Accelerometer.