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  1. F

    First Home-made Quad, but it keeps flipping on takeoff

    I've checked the prop direction, Calibrated the ESC's, even set the trim to the opposite direction. Nothing seems to help :( . I'm using the Flite Test Electrohub build kit, using a standard X-configuration. I think its something wrong with the programming maybe but I'm unsure. I'm using a...
  2. K

    Multi Rotor flipping over in manual mode

    I recently fixed my flame wheel 550 and decided to go back to start and try to do thing right, like learning to fly in manual mode and just practice hovering. So here's what I'm running into, in GPS mode I can't the thing off of the ground pretty easy, but I do have a little bit of drift when...
  3. B

    Problem powering up flip 1.5

    Hello guys, I am trying to build up the electrohub quadcopter from flitetest using electronic kit from ready to fly quads but I have some problems powering up the flip1.5. Basically, I am at the point where all my ESCs are connected to the distribution board. I plugged the 4 of them into the...
  4. Snarls

    Flip 1.5 Questions

    Hi all. I just finished my build of a 500mm spider quad and had a maiden flight in the snow. The flip 1.5 FC works pretty good right out of the box, but I want to change some throttle and yaw curves and adjust the PID a tad. The problem is, access to the boards USB is blocked by other...
  5. J

    Flip 1.5 showing roll when on a flat table

    Hey guys. I just built my second electrohub (one for my brother). After trying to maiden it and having it inexplicably flip over every time we powered up (turned out to be a gyro calibration issue as wiring, motor direction, props etc were all correct). After getting that sorted I went into...
  6. Mastrmindz

    My ESCs and Multiwii Stink

    Yo forum! I got a multiwii flip 1.5 back in May. Do not like it that much. I eventually converted my tri to a quad. I got it flying for a little while. One time I tested it, and the thing kept pitching backwards. Could not figure out why after all of the settings I did to it. During that...
  7. S

    Electrohub, Flip 1.5 setup to work with Hobby King HK-t6a radio

    Hello, I am new to quads and configuring the radio. I'm stuck and in need of some help. I bought the electrohub from FT and the electronic package from readytofly that has the flip 1.5 in it. I'm confused how to plug up my hobby king t6a receiver to the flip, configure the correct settings...
  8. Mastrmindz

    How to Adjust Rates on a Quadcopter?

    Hello interwebiverse! I have tried to get into multirotors for about nine months now. I started off with a tricopter that was a blast. However, I started having a couple of FC problems and ended up with a Flip 1.5. I had trouble with the tri-configuration, so I converted it into a quad. It...
  9. RoyBro

    Flippin' Confused

    I've been hearing more and more about the Flip 1.5 from Ready To Fly Quads recently. A $15 flight controller sounds great, so I went to the website and saw more than just the Flip 1.5. There's the Flip 2.0, 2.5, Pro, 32, 32+, and Ez. Can anyone help sort all this out? :confused: BTW, does...
  10. Mastrmindz

    RTF Flip 1.5 Tail Not Moving on My Tricopter

    Hey everyone. I just got the Flip 1.5 board from RTF quads. I got it for my tricopter rotorbones and ordered it flashed for a tricopter. I have it hooked up, the motors work; but the tail servo does not move when I give rudder. When I initially turn on the tricopter, the tail servo moves...
  11. C

    Q-My Tricopter Always flip at launch

    :( Hi everyone I built the david's tricopter and when I increase the throttle 3rd motor ( motor arm with servo) Always come up and flip the tricopter. also sometimes the yaw servo wont come to its default position when i let go the rudder.This is not always the same and this happens in...
  12. mmeyer

    KK2 Self Level Problem

    I have a problem with the KK2 board and self levelling (I assume). When the quadcopter tilts one way instead of powering up the 2 lower motors to level it out it powers up the upper ones causing it to flip. This only happens with left and right (aileron). I've noticed that the aileron channel...
  13. F

    Why does my H quad flip over? HELP me please!

    I think I've done everything and all it does is flip over. NTM Prop Drive 800 kV motors 4x Afro ESC 20amp 4x Hobbyking i86 Lite Contorl Board (KK2 was out of stock) nano-tech 3300 mah 3s lipo TGY 9x tX and rx Knuckle H quad frame Calibrated my ESCs, once manually, once through the control...
  14. P

    Bat Bone flips and Rolls for the first time

    i love my Bat Bone, so for the first time i tried Rolls and Flips, its not easy, but a lot of fun -Poulpc