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Flite Fest 2015 Volunteers Area


Hostage Taker of Quads
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We've got you covered Fred. Or was that duct taped? I forget what the plan is at this point ;)
All depends on how literal said shotgun is.

Hello everyone, this will be my first flitefest and I'm you latest victim, errr volunteer for the event.. Totally looking forward to attending, helping, learning and FLYING!!! :)
Hey EHV8TR! We'll do our best to make the victim part painless ;)

Feel free to sign up with a team that best suits the kind of work you'd like to do . . . like building, or maybe building, or perhaps you like helping people put things together then you might consider the build area.

In seriousness, we'd love the help wherever you care to lend a hand. The team leads are trying to put together schedules to meet the needs of the event without becoming a burden to the people volunteering -- we like to fly too, we don't want to trap ANYONE away from having fun at this event (well maybe except Flying Monkey). Signing up with the team you think you'd like helping the most makes the scheduling easier.


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Thx Crafty Dan. I've decided to help out with PARKING and the first aid team as required, or not (hopefully) :). Looking forward to the event. Cheers

Signed up to be there from Thu morn until I get kicked out Sun... and now I am signed up to volunteer and this is my first FT forum post! The volunteer work should pull me out of my shy comfort-zone a bit! I have no problems helping with whatever needs to be done.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Allen Schmidt
Fredericksburg, Virginia


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Please allow me to introduce myself...

(edited... I changed my screen name)

I'm a man of wealth and taste. (uhm... well neither of those is true, actually :cool: )

Real Name: Rick Tatem
Screen Name: FlairFan
City: Fuquay Varina
State/Country: NC (27526)
Preferred areas: Registration, Flight Line, Build Tent (wherever needed, really)

FliteTest got me back into the hobby after an absence of about 10 years (having two daughters will do that). I've been into RC for ~22 years (including that break), and have always been exclusively electric and soaring. Decided to volunteer since I'll be "flying solo" for the 'Fest and am more of a lurker on the forums thus far.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Anyone that shows up before Wednesday has to work as my personal assistant...

My wife says this is a job she's had for a long time, and warns you all to avoid it at all costs.