Flite Fest 2020 CANCELLED


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With a lot of deliberation and thought, we have decided to cancel Flite Fest 2020.

With the escalation of the Covid19 pandemic, we believe this difficult decision is necessary to keep the community, our employees and Flite Test safe for many years to come. Obviously many of you probably were expecting this with events such as the Summer Olympics postponing a year, but we wanted to make an official announcement so people don’t have to wonder anymore.

Flite Fest is such a magical event and the opportunity to spend time with you all for a weekend is the highlight of our year. We know this is really sad and difficult news for a lot of you to hear and we are right there with you.

If you have pre-registered for the event, thank you for your commitment and for making the time in your calendar. You will be receiving a notice of a refund soon if you haven't already.

A message from Josh at FliteTest

To our volunteers and wonderful people who help us with the event every single year, thank you! We know that people were already gearing up to help put on the event.

We considered waiting longer to see how things would change before fully committing to cancelling the event, but we would prefer to look back and say we were too cautious then to say we're too late with the decision. We know that people make travel arrangements, schedule vacation time and make financial commitments that are hard to undo.

We want to be sensitive to that and make sure that everyone has as much time as possible so it’s as painless as possible to revise your plans.

Although “social distancing” is a term that is going to be with us for a while, proximity distancing is probably a more accurate term. It’s our goal to be more social than ever while online and interacting with you, our community in more ways than we ever have before. We may not get to share a wonderful weekend together but we can connect, talk and be together online every single week and we plan to be there. We hope you will too.

Keep an eye on www.edgewaterairpark.com and subscribe for future updates. We hope to be having some smaller events announced for later in the year!

Last updated 04/22/2020
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Question #2 Will we still be able to fly by the time July rolls around.

Looks around for my curling broom to push the magic 8 ball around to get an un modified by Bills Law answer. :devilish:

No, you won't be able to fly by July. Next question? LOL

Mine is whether we'll have any other Flite Fests, other than in the midwest/Ohio area - FFW, perhaps?


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hehe I just thought of something that looks funny as all get out in my head...

With the new rules you will have to fly in a 400ft bubble..

Picture everyone at flitefest all huddled together as close as possible so they could all be in the same bubble to participate in combats. Now there will be only one rule for combat.. Keep BOTH hands on your transmitter at all times.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

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Lol, at least I got to go to one ff... The future is not looking promising for us harmless guys flying $3 airplanes. :cry:


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Im sure Mr Josh has a plan to keep his dream alive. Its not like this stuff wasnt in the pipeline before he was vested in Edgewater.


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Question #2 Will we still be able to fly by the time July rolls around.

Looks around for my curling broom to push the magic 8 ball around to get an un modified by Bills Law answer. :devilish:

The ONLY way a prediction will be unaffected by Bill's law is if the magic 8 ball is rolled by a disinterested party answering the very vague question "Can they fly". Otherwise the answer IS subject to Bill's law. Read the rules.