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Flite Fest 2022 Community Challenge – WWI “Dawn Patrol”


I build things that fly (sometimes)
OK. Whatever people wanna do is fine. For what it's worth, mine will be a minimum effort SBK with red rattle can and won't be shy about low alt maneuvers. If I can figure out some easy iron cross decals I'll put those on as well.
You could always just free-hand paint them on with black, or grab some black self stick vinyl and cut them from that.

I'll probably be flying a scout for the streamer combat myself. I have a feeling I'm going to want to keep the Albatros around for a while, but we'll see.


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member

Flite Test has graciously given us access to a tent area to use on Thursday and Friday (6/23 & 6/24) from 7:00 - 10:00 PM during the Flite Fest event. If you are coming to Flite Fest and planning to participate in the Dawn Patrol event, please come and join us. There should be room for folks to build/finish their WWI models, meet other participants, check out other models, ask questions, or just hang out and have fun. There will be build tables and power/lights in the tent. Those looking to build will need to bring or borrow tools and equipment as none will be provided. Friday night we will likely do the voting for the People's Choice awards.

At this point there is no plan for an instructor led group build of the FT Simple Scout XL. However, there will be several people (myself included) around to help you with questions or assistance if needed.


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I would like to add this bird to the submissions...

It is smaller, and thereby more... transportable. something I may need to consider as our attendant count to FF increased a little.
I submit a 1:6 scale DFW T.28 Floh
the Blog (linked in the title) contains a history and a plan screen shot meaning, at this point the alpha design is planned out. so at this point it need to be printed and built. I have designed it to be swappable, so a C power pack will work. However, to be a scale 15" prop... It will need a little something different I think. :unsure:.


Builder Extraordinare

To better facilitate the fun of this event I've been doing some support work in the back part of my workshop. I recently procured a n mSLA printer where the prints produced are extremely detailed and even impress my wife. That's hard to do. I understand that some folks do not have access to a 3D printer but would like to add a little something extra to their builds. There are companies out there like iflytailies, among others, that produce finely detailed parts. These are typically VERY cost-prohibitive for a lot of folks so I'm have taken the liberty to provide some of my work for others to purchase. I have 10 EACH of 1/6 scale Vickers and Spandau MG08 guns that I will have in the tent area. Again this is Thursday and Friday (6/23 & 6/24) from 7:00 - 10:00 PM.

I am selling these for $10 each. This hobby is not free for me either but what you get for your $10 is a highly detailed part that I printed from Thingiverse models provided by Ian Dawson and scaled for our size. The parts have been printed on an Elegoo Saturn, washed and cured, assembled with medium CA glue, and painted in a satin black enamel. I've been around the detail crowd for a few years now. These would do well on a Top Gun level build. I will not hold any of these in reserve so they will be offered first-come first-served. I'm NOT a retail seller, I'm just a hobbyist trying to offer something to those who may not have access to this sort of thing. As a reference, iflytailies offers the 1/6 Vickers gun ready-made for $80. Not incentivizing here, just being transparent.


Spandau MG08

Ryan O.

Out of Foam Board!
So it looks like I will not be able to make the dawn patrol flight as I have to leave before it happens, but if anyone wants to fly the plane and get it for free, all you have to do is bring your own batteries and receiver.