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Flite Fest East 2019 year of the jets?

Ever since the last flite fest east an abnormal (good) amount of incredibly well designed dftb jets have been published. Particularly these three...

Grifflyer L-39

AircPirateNinsei t-45

Mid7night F-16

So I've been thinking, should there be some sort of formation flying with all of these great planes? The t-45 and L-39 would look great together because they are relatively scale to each other and the F-16 just looks amazing!


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I may be biased here, but I DEFINITELY like this idea, and might remind y'all that there's also an A-4 out there at roughly the same scale.... ;)

....and you might want to keep your eyes peeled this year for some...special F-16 fun... ::ssshhh::
Aww man, are you going to make ANOTHER plane I'm going to have to build!? Can't wait!