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Flite Fest Ohio 2019 Volunteers


Fly yes... land no.
Welcome to the Volunteer section for the 2019 Ohio Event.

Here is the sign up form.
Please note you are required to purchase your passes to attend Flite Fest.

Extra Details:
July 11th - 14th

Volunteer Duties/Descriptions
(Huge shout out to BorisTheSpider for helping revise the position descriptions)

Entrance Greeters

Welcome incoming guests
Hand out literature
Answer questions
Direct guests to the parking crew
Monitor traffic congestion, field entrance conditions, and special conditions like large vehicles

A mix of sun and shade
Mostly standing with limited walking
Possible to have a chair for resting

Other Details:
The entrance greeters maintain the first impressions of Flite Fest to each guest, offering smiling faces, clear direction, safe conditions, and any information required.

Parking Crew

Help guests find their way to a parking space or camping site
Maintain the flow of traffic on Flite Fest grounds

Standing and walking for the full shift
Full sun with no shade
High activity with lots of walking
Some vehicular access may be available

Other Details:
The parking crew work hard. They deal with vehicle movement all day and must exercise caution and focus on safety at all times.


Welcome guests
Utilize a computer or a tablet to check in guests
Answer questions about Flite Fest in general and registration specifically
Work with money, credit cards, and personal information responsibly and respectfully

Almost exclusively sitting in shade

Other Details:
The volunteers at registration are the next line of interaction with guests at Flite Fest.
Attention to detail and gather information are critical to ensure the process conducted smooth and efficiently.

Flite Line

Monitor safety concerns on the Flite Line
Provide some assistance with aircraft setups
Assist in hand launching planes
Speak with guests/pilots, offering tips and miscellaneous help
Bring forward issues at the pilot meetings

Exclusively in the sun
Lots of walking
While safety is paramount, volunteers here will be in close proximity to spinning propellers and RC aircraft in flight

Other Details:
Flite Line safety is one of our top priorities
These volunteers will be our eyes and ears
Voluntary compliance is the key method for correcting unsafe behavior if possible. This means offering information instead of a threat to encourage positive results.
Otherwise, defer to a team leader or event staff

FPV Line

Assist the FPV area managers to ensure pilots and gear are setup and safe
Provide eyes and ears to maintain safety
Special attention must be paid to frequency management and timing
Provide advice and assistance to pilots
Almost exclusively full sun and lots of walking
Other Details:
FPV safety is one of our top priorities
This position is closely related to the Flite Line and the responsibilities and concerns will be similar
Technical support skills may be necessary but not required

First Aid

General knowledge of and ability to perform first aid

This job is mostly on-call

Other Details:
We've had a run of good luck brought about by good sense and responsibility
As the number of participants continue to grow, so we continue to add extra support and equipment
Most injuries have been very minor, primarily small cuts or burns. Most have been handled with a Band Aid and/or cold water
The team leader is the primary responder on site and will select assistants with whom to switch out coverage.
Formal first aid, CPR, and first responder training would be highly beneficial

Build Tent

Assist guests in the construction of aircraft
Provide general support and direction to guests
Monitor the conditions of the build tents and surrounding areas
Maintain a safe atmosphere (which usually means reminding builders to remove props before applying power in the build tent)

All shade
Lots of standing and walking

Other Details:
Patience and good customer relations are required
Knowledge of Flite Test kits and build techniques is highly recommended
Safety is paramount and build tents are full of sharp objects, spinning motors, and people. Encouraging common sense and basic safety is key to an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Shuttle Driver

Safely operate a multi-passenger golf cart to transport guests throughout event grounds
Exercise patience and good judgment as you move around large crowds of distracted guests

Primarily driving a shaded golf cart but potentially exposed to the elements
The grounds can be dusty or muddy depending on weather and you will need to interact with a variety of guests.

Other Details:
Safety is paramount and so caution and good sense must be exercised to prevent injuries and provide a positive experience for all guests
There is no schedule to maintain, so take your time and provide respect for all persons and property on site
Must be over 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license

Family Tent

Run family tent activities like board games and picnic games
Provide support and direction to children and families

All shade
Lots of standing and walking within the tent

Other Details:
This is a shaded area for parents with young children. It provides an area to cool off and enjoy family-oriented activities while taking a break.
Energy and enthusiasm is required


Help camping guests find their campsite
Assist in parking at the beginning of the weekend
Monitor and maintain campsite areas
Various campsite duties as required

Primarily full sun
Lots of walking
On-call position

Other Details:
The campsite area is very active, so being alert and aware is key.


Assist in setting up and restocking merchandise
Provide assistance to guests in picking out Flite Test merchandise
Answer questions about Flite Test, Speed Build Kits, and build techniques

Shaded and air conditioned
Large crowds throughout most of the event

Other Details:
Because of the cooler air and shade, guests enjoy spending time in the store. This can lead to a crowded environment that can be difficult to navigate.
Knowledge about the many Flite Test designs and specifications is very helpful

Miscellaneous Duties (Electrical/Generators/Grounds/Garbage)

Anything that needs to be done

Working in a variety of settings, doing a variety of jobs
Mostly on-call, requires some flexibility

Other Details:
This is the muscle team that handles the jobs that may not otherwise be handled
These are the few brave souls willing to tackle the hard jobs
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Well-known member
Hi Andre,

I was wondering if there is an age limit for volunteering? I know a 3-year-old can't, but can a 14-year-old? I have never been to FliteFest so I don't know how everything works.



Wake up! Time to fly!
If it is anything like last year which was super hot and dry maybe having some younger first timers not familiar with building or other things Flite Fest there could be assistant positions for Flite Crew members for things like water and foam runs. Extra eyes for safety issues and such.

That way they can experience volunteering as well as learn from repeat Festival offenders as it were.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Hi Andre,

I was wondering if there is an age limit for volunteering? I know a 3-year-old can't, but can a 14-year-old? I have never been to FliteFest so I don't know how everything works.

Not solo but you can work together. Stuff like the store, flightline and maybe the build tent would be good for you. Most things require them to operate a vehicle require a volunteer to be 18.


Well-known member
Well, I guess I will be waiting until I am 18 to volunteer. Maybe it's better that I don't because then I can really enjoy my first flitefest. I probably won't be going this year though.


Builder Extraordinare
Calling all hands to the FLIGHT LINE!!!!! Seriously, one of the BEST locations to volunteer, even though it can be brutal in the afternoon sun. Part of what made FF such a success last year at BOTH locations was a safe and friendly flight line.

On another note, I am looking for someone to replace me as designated "Fire Gazelle" due to my broken ankle earlier this year. All applicants for this position can send me a PM. :p


Fly yes... land no.
Flite Fest Ohio 2019 - Volunteer Update 1

Good Monday morning everyone.

This is just a quick "Hello" email. (Now that song will be in your head all day, Hello from the outside...)

Those new to the Flite Fest Volunteer list, welcome. To the past and proven, hello and thank you.

I will begin the process shortly but experience has shown me that it is better to wait till late June/ early July to really plug everything in.

At this point we only have 40 names on the main volunteer list so I encourage you to tap your flying buddies on their digital shoulder. hint hint hint -->
https://goo.gl/iLsZd3 and encourage them to become part of the team.

I know we say it every year but 2019 will be special in that it will most likely be the last one held at Furey Field (don't quote me on that).

It is never about the location, it is about the people and the memories.

Can't wait to see all my friends in Ohio.

Have a fantastic day.


Andre Rousseau - andre@flitetest.com
Flite Fest 2019 Volunteer Coordinator