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Flite Test fly-in


I'd be there as long as it wasn't over the week of the 4th of July (June 30-July 8). Maybe if we start talking dates, it would become reality!

Hey, Chad... We plan on crashing your place this summer. Let us know what weekend works for you! LOL!!! (Well, maybe not LOL). :-D
I don't think I could get my LiPos through security :p
Well David (from rcexplorer.se /was on some Flitetest Vids) seems to manage it quite well. But he somewhere gave the tip to get to security way early (like a hour extra) and to pack each Lipo in a small package for itself so there are no shorted batteries. Security will like that. And of course don't take many lipos with you and remember that you can have bad luck and have to leave them at security.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah that would be a nice way to still try to "connect" even though we´re spread all over the world.

The problem though is that you can´t do a group video conference. Only an audio conference.
However if it is only person trying to connect a video exchange would be possible