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rc plane

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Mate The RC Crawler and A Plane

    when that crawler took off at the skate park to try to jump over the fence, it needed a tad bit of a boost, so when it was in the air, perfect time for wings and plane engines to fire up and make it fly!
  2. M

    Cool Air-to-Air Video

    I thought this would be a fitting first post to this forum. It's a very cool FPV video of an RC plane shot by Red_FPV who is (IMHO) one of the top FPV pilots out there. Enjoy: https://www.airvuz.com/video/AERIAL-CINEMATO-FPV-4K-WITH-FPV-PLANES?id=5a85c76b8b15186e4cd41f85
  3. ZAMolet

    Radio-controlled model I-16 made of foam plastic.

    Hello everybody! I started a new project, the I-16 airplane. The wing span is 2 meters, the material is a substrate under the laminate. Start a video report here To be continued...
  4. A

    FT MINI GUINEA PIG! - AcroMode

    Recently built an ft mini guinea and its fantastic! One of the best flying small foam planes I have built! Here is a quick video I made of it, hope you enjoy!
  5. S

    Hi, new guy with a question about the FT Flyer

    So I just finished building a FT flyer and I have not maiden it yet. I am wondering if I should add downthrust to the Flyer because I read that some have done it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. R

    Quadcopter Sky Hook

    So I was reading the news this afternoon and found an interesting article on Fox News about a launch and recovery quad that utilized a sort of sky hook for fixed wings, the idea being that no fixed wing drone pilot wants to belly land an expensive military drone on the deck of an aircraft...
  7. H

    FRCFOMIES SU-27 MidMount Version Flight

    so this is basically the flight video of my frcfomeis su-37 and my friend also decided to follow me with his mini quad video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZFMA9Y93gk it does fly amazing if you are an advanced scratch builder, you should definitely give it a shot it will give...
  8. J

    wanted profile 3d plane (durable) under 600mm (will trade)

    I will trade if need bee, i live in boston shiping is 50/50 cant go over 100, (i use spectrum) but can to pnp, prefered epp
  9. andycho

    FT-Blunt Nose Wing modify maiden fly*- Flight log Day6

    Because of flying field is far away .. so I can fly only at weekend,not every weekend. so there is only day 6.. Still learning.. I cut the video.. for log record the way of my RC trip, hope you like it :)
  10. N

    Need help choosing a good plane!

    Hello, I have acquired some money to purchase a new rc plane, this will be my second rc plane (I did learn off of my uncles champ before) the first was the Eflite UMX Mig 15 which is rather fun to fly and consequentially battered, but still in working order and good shape. Being...
  11. Brandon_G

    Flying Lava Lamp

    To Flitetest, I think it would be a fun video to watch you guys build, show off, and fly an RC lava lamp that works! The only criteria would be that you would be able to have the lamp operational in flight, it has to be done at night, since it needs to be preheated that is allowed, and that it...
  12. T

    New EPP yak54

    Ok here is the latest 6MM EPP Plane I just designed! you can also make it out of Depron. I will post a list of Electronics later that I recommend for this plane Ok the new correct PDF file is ready for Download!
  13. F

    a show to help!!!!!!

    a show showing how to connect servos to recievers esc to motor battery to esc all the basics to help a beginner and what kv means and how to know what to get????!!!!!?????