rc plane

  1. P

    Help! Julius Perdana's A-10 warthog

    Hello everyone, I want to build Julius Perdana's A-10, but he hasn't posted a video of it flying yet. Has anyone built this specific model, and does it fly? And what about his other models. Are they reliable too? I don't want to spend all of this time and money building it to find it doesn't fly...
  2. E

    Help! Using DJI headset for RC planes

    I recently got into RC planes and I may want to try FPV. I bought a DJI FPV drone a few years ago along with the FPV Headset 2 and I was wondering, is it possible to connect that headset to a 3rd party FPV camera? I'd be fine with buying new headset if I have to, but it would be cheaper and...
  3. S

    I have some question about RC Plane

    I have question 2204 2300kV Brushless Motor 3S 1350mAh Lipo Battary 20A Brushless ESC Are this parts compatble ? Can this motor fly with 1350mAh lipo battery ? By the way this is what I want to do FT ALPHA - Build | Flite Test - YouTube
  4. GiantAntCowboy

    Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)

    Got a little crazy last week and crashed into a Norwegian fjord! Fortunately I was testing a new GoPro at the time and ended up with some nice footage! “DHC Turbo Beaver Saltwater Crash and Rescue” Need to build an RC rescue boat I think 🤔 thoughts?
  5. Jack Eugene

    Desinging an rc plane from scratch

    Hey there! I'm new to this forum. Ive purchased and built some FliteTest trainers and some other rc planes. Now I want to design an rc plane of my own and not buy it. How should I go about this, and are there any videos on how to do this? Thanks and I can't wait to become part of the FliteTest...
  6. Cpl Goertz

    I'm looking to get into 3d

    Hi guys, I have been flying RC planes for a little over a year and want to get into 3d airplanes. I have flown the hobby zone champ, FT freighter, FT sea otter, and FT Commuter. Now I want to step up to a 3D Plane specifically the Eflite Yak 54 3d. I'm not sure if this is good for a beginner 3D...
  7. W

    Help! Good Planes for my electronics?

    I have a 3s 2200mah battery as well as a 2212/6t 2200kv brushless motor, it is one of the standards from amazon with a 30A esc and I want to make a easy to build and fly first foamboard plane so I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that will fly well with these electronics (I have two of...
  8. OneCupOfCoffee204

    Help! Need help with wiring up an FC

    After reading about this thing called a Flight Controller I was anxious to see that if I could incorporate one into my project. It can do some remarkable things like Go Home and Self Stabilization for beginners. The only problem is, it came with minimal instructions on how to wire it all up. If...
  9. F


    Notorious in the fixed wing world, the "Stick" has been the choice of aircraft for apprentices in search of the next level of flight, offering benign handling traits with sporty levels of performance for the ultimate big sky thrills. Designed for intermediate to advanced pilots, this 4 channel...
  10. FlyingDebris

    FT Goblin which flew?

    So I finally got the editing done for this video. I thought I'd share it here for you guys to see. Slight disclaimer I forgot to put in the part where I actually put the googles on my head so I will have that video coming up in the next week as I am currently working on it. If you wouldn't...
  11. Innaviation

    Help! Help with FT Explorer

    I recently finished a scratch build of the FT Explorer using the B pack motor and a 9 in reverse prop. I took it out for a maiden only to find that it is barely able to get off the ground and flies like a FT flyer or Nut-ball. Wondering if anyone has had past issues with this and if they figured...
  12. Innaviation

    Flying Bloody Wonder with 10in Prop

    I have been flying a Bloody Wonder with a C pack motor and esc as well as a 8 in prop. I recently had a rough landing and broke my last 8 in prop. All I have left is 10 in props so I was wondering if anyone has flown a Bloody Wonder with a 10 in prop and hasn't had prop torque or any other issues?
  13. Innaviation

    Flite Test "FT Elements" Simple Firewall and many other laser cut items

    While scratch building a FT Explorer I discovered that you need a FT Elements board to complete the build so I went on to Flite Test store and bought one. After making this purchase I wondered if I could laser cut my own FT Elements board for future projects. So I created this thread for people...
  14. Innaviation

    wooden power pack

    During many crashes power packs can get beaten up very quickly. I was wondering if anyone has a laser printer file or something that matches ft power pack but that is made from wood.
  15. Innaviation

    Help! Laser cut files

    In prep for flite fest I was thinking about laser cutting some FT plans. I was wondering if anyone had files that I could take to a laser printer and print a plan.
  16. Innaviation

    Cheap RC plane parts

    Starting to get electronics for Flite Fest and realized just how expensive electronics can been. Wondering if there is a cheap website or place that I could get cheap electronics for RC planes.
  17. Power_Broker

    Arduino Scratch Build - "Screamin' Seagull II"

    Welcome to my build log for my next Arduino controlled RC scratch built airplane! Much of this project is going to be based off of work (especially in terms of software) found in my previous build log here. After my *very* successful test flight with my last Arduino plane, I've decided to...
  18. CatholicFlyer

    Mate The RC Crawler and A Plane

    when that crawler took off at the skate park to try to jump over the fence, it needed a tad bit of a boost, so when it was in the air, perfect time for wings and plane engines to fire up and make it fly!
  19. M

    Cool Air-to-Air Video

    I thought this would be a fitting first post to this forum. It's a very cool FPV video of an RC plane shot by Red_FPV who is (IMHO) one of the top FPV pilots out there. Enjoy: https://www.airvuz.com/video/AERIAL-CINEMATO-FPV-4K-WITH-FPV-PLANES?id=5a85c76b8b15186e4cd41f85
  20. ZAMolet

    Radio-controlled model I-16 made of foam plastic.

    Hello everybody! I started a new project, the I-16 airplane. The wing span is 2 meters, the material is a substrate under the laminate. Start a video report here To be continued...