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Flite Test FT ESC series - Firmware?

So it looks like Flite Test is in the process of releasing a new series of Flite Test branded ESCs. So far they have released two: 20A and 35A.

The 35A is now the ESC for the new Power Pack C V2.

The 20A is available to buy, but does not appear to be standard as part of a power pack (yet), but is listed for use with Power Pack A and F motors.

Now, my question is this: what firmware is Flite Test shipping on these ESCs?

So far Flite Test has been shipping EMax BLHeli ESCs in power packs, which obviously use the BLHeli firmware, but the store listings for the FT ESCs doesn't mention anything about firmware or programming.

I would like to think that these ESCs will use BLHeli, but I also don't like to make assumptions.

Here are links to the store pages for these ESCs.


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Just cant shut up!
I would take a wild guess and say they are rebranded / reworked Emax escs.

Best thing to do is connect one to blheli suit or blheli configurator which ever will talk to them and read the current firmware.

Even finding which program can talk to them could tell you alot.
If someone here has one of these new Flite Test ESCs and is willing to plug it into BLHeli suit or BLHeli config, let us know the result!

I don't actually own one of these ESCs yet and I don't really want to buy one just to find out. Once we know the firmware package I will update my spreadsheets with the info.