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just received my first speed build kit (mini mustang) and have to say I was blown away by the quality of the kit and the attention to detail in the packaging. You guys ROCK! I see many more kits in my future.


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just received my first speed build kit (mini mustang) and have to say I was blown away by the quality of the kit and the attention to detail in the packaging. You guys ROCK! I see many more kits in my future.
Yep, I’ve never been unhappy with a FT kit


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Completely agree, ozzie. The little card with the specs, the stickers, quality of the cuts, even the packaging were all awesome. I had some problems with delamination and sent an email to FT. Bixler's wife, Jen emailed me back with a "OH HECK NO!" and promptly sent me out another kit, even though I told her that it was not that big of a deal.

They are a class act, all the way.


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I got my first speed build kits at FFO17. i built the SE5 right away and the DR1 is still sitting untouched and is in perfect condition still other then a bit o dust hehe.

The kits are definetly well designed and packaged. I just wish I had enough room to build and keep all the ones I really want.

Hard to do when your whole apartment is about the size of a three car garage.


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It's great that the Company is every bit as good as the people who support it!!

The SE5 sounds like it should be a good choice for my first scratchbuild. I gotta hurry up and Build SOMETHING soon!! The wait is shaking me up like a teenager!


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I'm not going to debate that.... I'll just wait for the bigger Planes I wanted in the first place! ;)
Friend, just suck it it up and build a TT or something similar. Why all the browbeating? You've got most of the A pack. Build a trainer that works with it. If I remember correctly (and I may not) you've got an A pack motor and ESC. That's a good start. You need a battery, charger, servos, transmitter and receiver. Oh. And a PLANE!

Here is what I am planning on for the transmitter and receiver. You get both for $57. I really don't care if they suck. I want to fly. But, and I do mean but, I've read that they're pretty good. Digging a little deeper, those receivers cost about ten bucks. Not too hard to replace if I screw something up. They're not even from overseas. Mainland U.S. warehouse.


Work with what you've got. Here's a link to the planes compatible with the A pack:

https://images.amain.com/images/resources/shared/PowerPack Chart Compatibility.pdf

Personally, I LOVE biplanes. Really anything with scalloped wings. In the Real World, back in those days, those men had steel between their legs, wrapped in iron and encased in carbon fiber.

I can't get all that from a foamboard biplane. But I love the thought of it, and love the way they look. Problem is (if my understanding is correct, and please community correct me if I'm wrong) That is a whole lot of lifting and control surface on a really light frame, and it makes them very touchy. Just not a good trainer.

I am really looking forward to flying mulitwings. I want to do all the crazy corkscrews. I want to do an Immelman maneuver in a multiwing. I have literally had daydreams about that since my childhood. I want to perfect it and use it in combat at a FliteFest. We'll get there, brother. Just not as a first flight.
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My very first speed-build kit (or any kit for that matter) was the Dr.1 / Se5 kit with an "F" pack.

Spent a lot of time building them and finishing them (before the maiden) and was pretty proud of them... then this;
Actually the Se.5 didn't do too bad, but that minor crash ripped the wings apart and needed some major repairs.

The Dr.1 was a completely different story... Some of this is due to poor building skills (well, not that I didn't have skill, I really didn't appreciate how CG sensitive the Dr.1 is... I could have done better (and will someday, but I've built two of the damn things and only had a couple flights in them.) they really don't handle crashes well...
Before I trimmed it out a little bit (defiantly tail heavy)
and after;

So, I'm not saying you won't have better results, I'm saying you'll have a LOT more fun if you start with some of the tamer designs first...
That was my first attempt of flying RC and while it's not terrible, it was a LOT of work for probably under a minute of flight time (both planes needed repair work, and I didn't even come close to using a full battery.) I should mention that I too have 1:1 time logged. ;)

After this I built a mini simple scout, it was fast and small, and I frequently lost orientation (it's life was pretty short.)

Then I tried the FT Flyer and started burning batteries (and having fun!)
(About half way through you see my "Eureka" moment where I realized flyers flew MUCH better at HALF throttle!!) :LOL:

No, the flyer doesn't look like an "airplane" (well, maybe a paper one) but it's one sheet of foamboard (literally $1). So when you crash it no big deal. now that I've tried the tiny trainer, I like it a tad more. It has a true airfoil so it behaves much better. but either (i think) is a great place to start because it will get you some stick time and successful flights... I admit, I was pretty let down after the maiden of the biplanes... but, I stuck with it and you will too!


thanks for the info Kilroy. I should have worded my post a little clearer. Im not new to rc flying just new to FT products.


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(About half way through you see my "Eureka" moment where I realized flyers flew MUCH better at HALF throttle!!) :LOL:
Reading your post, I watched your first 3 videos and I was shouting, "Turn down the throttle", but it was all in vain! I'm glad you figured it out. It's a classic newb mistake. You launch the plane, then spend the rest of the short flight panicking to try and keep it off the ground, but with full throttle, it's never going to be easy.


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Yup, I'm glad I have the video (and why I stress others should) it brings a smile to my face to see all the mistakes I made early on just from not knowing what I didn't know.

I've got to make sure I get Videos!! From what I've learned so far, it's the next best thing to a buddy box!!