Flite Test Shipping (they've got it down)


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Just a word about Flite Test and their shipping. In a world where everyone is experiencing huge shipping delays somehow FT has not participated. I have placed several orders with Flight Test in the past few months and each time I have received my order astonishing fast! (like 3 days fast) The order is always perfect and the shipping cost is fair. I couldn't believe it this morning when I found this on my porch. This is Friday. I placed the order Tuesday.

Keep in mind. Flite FT is in Ohio and Missouri not China. Perhaps the best thing about their kits is they now all come with a decal sheet. I may not use all of the decals but I will always proudly display the one that says Flite Test. Made in USA.

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That is because MOST shipping problems don't exist and other businesses are merely profiteering and with the entire supply chain hopping on the band wagon perceived issues are multiplied.