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Flite test... why isnt it Flight Test?


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Hey guys, its been something i've wondered for a while. just wondering why its Flite Test, rather than Flight Test?

not sure if its been mentioned before, but I cant remember seeing it on any of their videos.



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I'm just guessing here, but knowing how marketing minded Chad is, I'd bet it was intentional. Type in the word "flight" into google. You'd be hard pressed to find "flight test" no matter how popular it became.

But, with the word "flite" it's already associated online with RC products, through e-flite.


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...but it makes it harder to tell people about it. "I know this great site called Flight Test, but Flight is spelled wrong."
Don't worry about how it's spelled. If you Google flight test, Flite Test will come up as the first and third entries. At least it does for me.


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Chad explains it in an early video. It's because flight test was taken already. He explains the whole how it got started in that video