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FliteTest Pod Cast

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Nice work in putting together an excellent first pod cast! Sound quality is so much better than I had expected, and is much better than many that have been around for years. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to future episodes!
That doesn't do me any good, I have no Apple products nor the interest in iTunes.

Edit: Please, Please, Please put the audio to a static image and post on YouTube.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I believe they mentioned in the podcast that it will be available outside of iTunes, probably directly from the FliteTest website (?). I didn't find it on there directly, I got it through my podcast program on the iPhone.


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I'm over the moon about this . . should be really cool :) Downloaded and ready for the drive in the car. Nice work FliteTest
Hi gang,
Thanks for putting out a podcast. You will help my daily commute. Can I make one suggestion? Personally I would prefer if you published it in mono (rather than monocoat). Listening in the car, it's hard to hear different parts of the podcast when the voices move around the car. Publishing binaural is great when you are doing an audio tour and you want us to feel like we are there, but not when you are sitting around a table. Just my two cents, and other than that, I love the podcast and will spread the word.
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I was listening to the podcast last night and my wife happened to hear David tell his fainting story. We laughed so hard.

"Is it a school day? Why am I thinking in english?"

Oh, and I've been told I am absolutely not allowed to cut myself.


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It was great to get to know a little more about the people behind and the concept of Flite Test. For sure, David, it was and IT IS inspiring! It's too bad that Josh Scott was not there.

I'm new to the hobby so I'm eager to see the beginer serie.:cool:

Thank you so much to all of you guys!
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Great job Austin trying to keep everyone on topic. It felt (sounded) like I was a fly on the wall in the "FT-Lounge" during story time.


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I thought the podcast was awesome. Here's a few things that stood out to me...

1) The blend of structure, and free flow conversation was spot on.

2) I really like the idea that this is an extension of the video series. Most podcasts are THE entire show. Where this one is the biweekly behind the scenes look at the inner workings.

3) I saw how long the show was, and I thought "Ugh! That's too long". They got halfway though, and mentioned something that I thought was the end of the episode, and I checked my iPod to make sure that wasn't the case.

4) I like the idea of a podcast a little more than the video show, because when doing house work, or playing in my shop, something will happen on the screen that audio just doesn't cover, so I stop, and watch the video. With the podcast I can keep working. Also, I can't watch the videos while driving, but the audio, that's just fine.

5) I'd like to see the show feature some of the other behind the scenes guys. Folks like Eric, and Michael, never really got much air time, but were just as important to the show as the Joshes, or Chad. Now that we have Austin, Dave Knopp, and more, I'd like to see them be able to get some time with the fans too. Also, it could give the Joshes, David, and Chad a break.

6) I like the idea of call in questions for the "lightning round". I'd also love to see what's been done on other podcasts, where there's a live chat window going on at the same time as when they're recording/streaming the show. That way the audience can feel more involved, being able to have questions answered live.

I can't say I really found anything negative to say about the show. As far as first shows went, it was great. Although it's hardly a first show, just a first podcast episode. I think that some additions can be made in the future that would be awesome. Interviews/guest hosts with people who are active in the RC community could be a fun plus.

Great work. Austin, good job getting this pushed through!


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I just finished listening to the podcast as well and I really liked it. I feel the same as some of the others on here as far as it almost felt like we were sitting around the table and was just listening to a group of talented and friendly folks telling stories.
The format is great, keep them coming!

A true fan!!!