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Flux core welder


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I’ve got a small Lincoln welder, runs off of 120v, works great. I use it for simple repairs. It’s capable of more if I were a better at welding.


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You say metal plane how thick is the metal going to be if 16th thick going to be awfully tough to do if thicker there is not a ton of difference in Flux Core welders mostly the duration of the weld before letting the welder cool down. Argon shielded welders give a much cleaner weld ( less spatter and clean up ) and easier to use unless out in the wind. The one I purchased has the option to add the argon if I so desired.


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I basically hate flux core welding, it is like brazing to galvanized metal ;) . if anything make sure it has the option to hook up a tank so you can use standard wire with Argon or mig mix gas, much cleaner welds.
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I hate flux core welding, make sure you get one that has the option of running standard wire and using mig mix gas. 300% better welds.