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Flying Field Nicknames we probably don't want....


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For whatever reason, I started thinking of nicknames we could earn at the Flying Field, that we might not find that enjoyable, such as being called "Phalanx," after the Navy's Close-In Weapon System, with its motto, "If it flies, it dies." Yeah, not exactly the image we want among other RC pilots.

Or maybe being called Launchpad, after the Disney Ducktales character, with his penchant for crashing.

So, what nicknames can you think of, that wouldn't be complimentary among RC pilots? (keeping it clean, of course, in the family-friendly spirit of Flite Test)


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I don't really go to a field (ultra-micros, baby) but I would probably have something along the lines of No Signal, Gear Breaker, or the Misjudger. I frequently have to walk over to my drones because I lose FPV signal and crash, I can't land softly to save my life, and I consistently line up my planes behind the runway instead of over it.


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Know the flyer before you label him orher with a name as it may the last time you will see him or her.
Well, obviously! We aren't talking about labeling newcomers to a forum or club with such titles before we are on a joking basis...this is mainly stuff where we've been "that guy" before. I'll gladly take the title of "Duke Dutch Roll", that's the shadow side of being "The King of Low Aspect Planes".