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Flying Low


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Here is our next challenge! The boys bring out the trampoline yet again to put their flying skills to the ultimate test! But this time, there is a catch, and the challenge might not be so easy! Who will win the battle of flying low?



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
For me it is pretty hard to find someone to film this though :(
I´ll figure something out if I can...

How about do a challenge who can get the lowest? Possibly with extra points for doing those close fly bies inverted or in a knife edge :D:D:D


Flying Derp
Here was a low inverted pass that got a little too low. The very tip of the rudder touched the ground. This is my buddy's plane from our club. This was like a 108" Ultimate. It had a DA170, it was nice and quiet cause he had tuned pipes on it.

IMG_1135.JPG IMG_1136.JPG IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1138.JPG IMG_1139.JPG IMG_1140.JPG IMG_1141.JPG IMG_1142.JPG


not crazy, just stupid
A low flying contest on the forum could be fun...
Agreed!!!!, but we must have some other factor as well, because landing is not that hard.... I say the one who flies the fastest under the 0.5 m mark wins :D extra points if you touch the ground and manage to keep it flying (full throttle touch and go)

edit: oh, and when i said top speed under the 0.5 meter mark, than i don't mean that you just tap it and than pull the elevator back, no, thats not cool. i mean stay under the 0.5m mark for at least 5-10 seconds, somewhat like this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLXhPoxytsM&feature=related
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