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Flysky FS-i6X Firmware upgrade problem

Hi. Has anyone who has this Tx been able to upgrade the firmware from the Flysky website? I get an error about a missing DLL file.

I've read a lot about custom firmware for the FS-i6, but not for the Tx I have, and I'm not sure if that custom firmware works on the i6X as well.


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What do you need the custom firmware for? I am a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and messing with the firmware is a good way to brick the TX.


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The custom firmware was to open up all 10 channels on the i6 and to make it behave like the i6x.

I’m going to go with @FDS here, if it ain’t broke...

I’ve Got two of the i6x myself and I’m not even sure which version they may be (I can check if your curious.)
I don't need the custom firmware, I was trying to upgrade the official firmware.

Sorry if my post seemed to suggest I was wanting to install the custom one, I just meant that whenever I search on forums or google about the firmware, most posts are to do with the custom one.


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What’s wrong with the current official one? If the TX turns on, binds, and works well on all 6 channels then that’s all you need it to do. Being a version or two behind is fine if it works!
If you can’t find the official firmware upgrade easily then I would definitely leave it well alone.
Ok, fair enough. As someone that works in the tech industry, if I see an update available for some hardware, I usually take it.

It would be nice if they documented what had changed though, but I'll just leave it as it is.


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If you want to really have fun with your TX like you would a good computer build then OpenTX is probably one of the most flexible and well documented systems available. When you get some more flying under your belt it might be worth a look, there’s several good TX’s that run it for well under $200 or less if you buy second hand.
With the cheaper manufacturers lack of documentation is often a problem, fortunately there’s lots of knowledgeable people here that can help, I always ask around now before doing any updates, as not all of them are beneficial.