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FlySky/Turnigy i6 Programming tips...


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The Flysky/Turnigy i6 has a few quirks in its menu system. Thought I'd share the few I have found

This applies to Firmware version 1.1 9-Jan-2015 running on a Turnigy TGY-i6.

1. The TX displays the currently selected model's Information screen. A long press "OK" gets you to the programming menus. You move between the "System setup" and "Functions setup" menus with the "Up" and "Down" keys. "OK" selects the menu and enters it. "Cancel" returns to the parent menu and ultimately the Information Screen

2. The menu system is not strictly consistent but it has a method. Generally "Up" and "Down" move up and down through the current menu. "OK" selects the current menu and enters. "Cancel" returns to the parent menu.

Except...when the menu consists of items that can be changed!

Then the "OK" button moves down through the items, the Up and Down buttons change the value of the item, short press "Cancel" exits and long press "Cancel" saves and exits.

If the backlight goes out you have to short press any key to light it before a navigation or value change key press will work.

3. The "Cancel" button should be call Exit/Save&Exit. A short press just Exits. A long press Saves your changes and Exits. Ok! I said that already but calling this button "Cancel" is really stupid so it's worth pointing out again.

4. Many of the "System setup" menu items apply to the model you select in "Model select". Once you have selected the model then "Model Name", "Type select", "Model copy", "Model reset", "RX setup" all apply to that model.

5. In the RX Setup menu you have to configure the correct type of receiver to bind it, AFHDS 2A for the new iA series RXs and AFHDS for the old AFHDS/TurnigyV2 RXs. The new iA series RX features, PPM, telemetry and failsafe are programmed on the TX through this menu.

6. The "Functions setup" menu applies to the model you selected in the System setup menu "Model select".

7. The End Points menu in the Functions setup allows you to set the servo endpoints to up to -120% through +120%. It is not obvious how to set both endpoints. "OK" moves you through the channels. "Cancel" exits or saves and exits. "Up" and "Down" change the value of the current channel endpoint. The tricky part is that to move between the two columns of end points you have to move the stick, switch or pot that controls the currently selected channel. So for a mode 1 TX the vertical left stick used for Throttle is assigned to CH3. When the CH3 endpoints are selected, moving the Throttle stick from bottom to top moves the selection arrow from the bottom range column to the top range column allowing you to adjust the value in that column with the "Up" and "Down" keys. You have to use the correct control for the selected channel or the selection arrow won't move.

8. The Display menu in the Functions setup menu has a hidden and quite dangerous feature. If you "long press" the "Cancel" button the TX will start auto sweeping all channels across their full programmed range. I confirmed the sweep includes an servo endpoint you may have set for that channel. Pressing OK or Cancel stops the sweep. You may have to press twice if the backlight has gone out.

9. It appears the "Range Test" button is fictional but that is still under investigation.
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I had a really HARD time to figure a long "Cancel" means save....
Had a fail maiden becouse of that. I reversed the elevator but didn't save it....

Anyway I think is a very good transmiter considering it's less than 50 €...

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