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Folded Club Racer wing

This is the folded version of my KFM4 Club Racer wing.
I use a combination of techniques to convince a flat sheet of foam to become a wing. I have watched a bunch of Experimental airlines videos and tons of Flight test build videos. The arrow shaft spar and ribs used here work well in my other wings. My design process and with Sketch up and my build technique is explained pretty well in this thread.
My design goals for this plane are simple build, easy to cut out, big cockpit, strong enough for 6s power, and completely covered in tape(its getting snowy here)
I will post the plans.
A video showing a few of the steps in the making of this wing.
The screen shot from Sketchup
crwing design pic.JPG

The real thing WIP

Im planing on adding a cockpit/body on this plane. I think I need to build another one to run with a spec wing power setup without the draggy body.
Here are the templates for the wing panel, airfoil, and body of this plane. on my build the center section is 6 inches wide.
The wing template is half of a wing panel. I cut out a piece that matches the dimensions, trace it, then flip it and trace for the other half.
I cut out a few extra big wing ribs to cut up for floor supports. I doubled up the floor with 2 layers of foam and used a lot of hot glue. The result is a nice strong stiff wing, a little on the heavy side but I am building this to handle a 6s power set up.
20191124_090459 (1).jpg


So I finally got some time to finish this plane. I flew it today for the first time. It was very gusty.
The plane flew ok on 3s once I tossed it hard enough. Its definitely underpowered compared to most of my other wings. Its faster and seemed to stay in the air longer then the kfm4 version. Even with the wind I could tell its not as smooth as the kfm4.
On the second battery I ended up hitting a post and wrecking the runcam split lens.
The plane was no problem to tape back together. Just a little tear and crumple.
Swap out the fpv cam and try 6s.
Im running the fpv on a separate 3s battery. If you have the space and can carry the weight the feed quality is worth it.