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Found a Quadrocopter


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Hello Guys;
I was just searching for an Headlight for my bike and saw this Quadrocopter;


I do actually drive with RC cars and wanted to start with a drone, I do know that this one doesn't have any stabilization(at least i couldn't find sth. that says it does), but i'm used to my rc cars, so it shouldnt be that hard to get used to the third Dimension. Also I already have flewn two helicopters; one cheap one from a toys shop^^ and one bigger one(about 750mm Rotor Diameter).

The question I wan't to ask is if this is a good Quadrocpoter I could use over a long time(repairs, tuning etc)? or is it a model that i can't get my hands on? I do actually already have an radio that uses 2,4ghz of transmitting(Turnigy 9X)

Regards Suzuke

P.S.: This is an auction product so it runs of in short time, fast but still reasonable answers would be helpfull;D
P.S.S.: Sorry if there are some(or even more^^) mistakes in this Question, I'm from germany so I did learn my english only in school;D
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If you buy it, replace the cc3d board with something else as fast as you can. I have built a couple of quads and purchased this one to crash as it was cheap. Bricked the cc3d before I had a chance to even fly it.

Not a great buy at all...

I did get the Nighthawk 250 and I still fly it and like it a lot! Not a speed demon or anything but a fun one to learn on. Flies great right out of the box!