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Found some night-time quadcopter FPV, from WITHIN fireworks display


Senior Member
This guys filmed a fireworks display using his quad while the quad was right in the middle of some fireworks, pretty neat:



Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Ooooooh. The lady is the "spotter". wondering what raver chick was doing on the cover photo of an areal video.

Cool Vid -- interesting perspective. Also if it got shot down, fireworks are supposed to be clear of people so flaming drone wreckage would add to the show while staying clear of the crowds!


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the guy has some peculiar "cover frames" in his other vids as well (not related to the content, which usually is rather good) :)

On the location: I think I know where this fireworks display is (here in the Netherlands on floating barges at sea), not sure though, but one of his other videos is shot there ...

Should be a safe zone anyway, yes :)