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Four Foamies Waiting for Flight

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
The wind is killing me. It's been over a week since it's been calm enough to fly (although I did manage a quick flight with the Super Cub a few days ago). My son's HK Atom Mini Glider has seen no flight time at all, and I'm taking delivery on the HK Mini P-51 tomorrow. My skills aren't ready for it yet, but I have hot glue and epoxy as my wingmen egging me on.

Until the wind dies down I've got nothing but time and Dollar Tree Foam Board. Well, I HAD foam board. Now I've got the Foam Fleet in my basement. Only the FT Flyer has servos in it right now. The remaining 6 servos are on the way from China, along with the RX and a few other needed components to get 'em all ready for flight.

The plan for the NutBall is to give it the Red Baron treatment. The Iron Crosses on the bottom are temporary, to see if I liked the concept. I do, so that plan will progress. Servos, pushrods, etc are still needed.

The FT Flyer just needs a new control horn and a few other small details, but could be ready for flight quickly (once the boxes from China show up...). The rudder's original horn was installed too far forward, meaning I had good turning to the right and very slow turns to the left. Or it was the other way around, I forget... Either way, I just need to reposition it and it's ready to go.

The Delta Wing was started yesterday after work while the kids were doing homework and finished up tonight with paint and the canopy. It still needs servos, linkages, etc.

The FT FunBat is a combination of FunBat and the FT swappable fuselage. I cleaned up the "meatballs" on the top of the wing and added 'em to the bottom as well. As with the Delta Wing and NutBall, it still needs the electronics and linkages.

Since I had a few rattle cans from other projects still sitting in the garage I figured I'd try 'em out. The FT Flyer is a combination of Rustoleum tractor orange and automotive chrome. The chrome paint on taped surfaces is really impressive - it really looks like chrome. But tape is too flexible for it and I think it'll start chipping soon. All of the other colors are Rustoleum rattle cans. I didn't see any issue with the foam being eaten by the paint. So far so good!


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More combat please...
Yah, if you leave the paper on the Dollar Tree foam you will likely not see any issues.
The bare foam though, a whole different story, but still if you give the foam a light dusting and keep the nozzle far enough away that the solvents evaporate you can still get away with most paints.
I'm kinda fond of the Rustoleum fluorescent sign paint...