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FPV Raptor?


Elemental Madness
We were kindly sponsored an FPV Raptor for The CarbonFlite Project. I just wanted to know what people thought of it. I am going to try it out, but I think it might be a bit fast for Search and Rescue.

Flaps will only help with the landing and maybe takeoff (in real planes they do both but I dont know about rc) Maybe try to put on a bigger prop or swap out the motor for a low kv motor (1000kv) with a big prop. Maybe make mini airbrakes (arround 5 to 10 cm long) on the side of the fuselage or under the wings. The must not be to big or you will stall if they are to small they wont affect it.

Also keep in mind that you are probable going to use two 2200 mah batteries or something like that. That is also going to make the plane heavier! I think that you should give it a shot. At first my bixler was very fast with the motor upgrade, now I have allot of extra glass fiber in the fuselage for stiffnes in the tail. It is not so fast anymore :)
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Usually takeoff flaps are about 40% of landing flaps in RC. The flaps are fine for slowing it down in flight without stalling. They essentially just change half the airfoil to be undercamber, which is a high drag and high lift shape. There's no reason they should be restricted to use for takeoff and landing, especially if you're trying to slow the plane down to circle a potential rescue target.


Elemental Madness
that's true....
So I have a question, I was going to just use a 2200mah battery but a few people have mentioned using two in parallel, is there like a little connector I can buy to do this, or am I going to have to just solder on two battery connectors?


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Might be inconvenient for some as it limits the length of the wires. In addition to the Raptor, it looks like a great plane that can handle some slow flight with flaps. Flaps will especially be good for slow flight- perfect for S+R. Can you talk more about what you plan to do with the plane in terms of the setup for S+R? Thanks!


Elemental Madness
We have Our info on our website(in my signature). We are making an FPV plane , plain and simple. Two monitors and about an 8 mile range. Right now we have to raise about $500 more.

Brian fred carr

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I have had the raptor...Not for long.....but the flaps work lovely with a little up trim programmed and it glides lovely...in to trees..lol....why it is so good for FPV is the massive space inside the cockpit for all your gear