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FPV setup, please help!

Heya fellow rc enthusiasts!
So for Christmas i got the tbs caipirinha, which is as far as I can tell, amazingly well designed, i have now pieced it together using my chosen electronics, and NOT using the hole tbs power package, as if something were to go wrong it looked rather expensive to replace! With it I am using my dx6i with a ar6210 + satellite receiver. First question roughly what sort of range can I get from my controller? i was hoping for about a mile of range. Second major question. My fpv setup. What would everyone recommend, i have looked into it and as were i am flying i would love to try low level, in and out of trees, 900mhz seems like a sensible option, so what tx/rx would be ideal, and what range would it have, and what power (from what i have heard no more than 500mw) And also what sort of osd would i be looking to use, i would like it to display how much battery i have left, how far away i am, and were i am. Also a camera to actually see through, preferably a board camera with good quality video!

I have roughly £200 to spend but maybe more if its defiantly worth it!

I am hoping for above 1 mile of range!

[tx - 900mhz?]
[rx - 900mhz?]
[osd of some sort?]
[board camera]
[power supply]
[monitor] - i have
[cables for wiring it up!]
[any other needed stuff!?]
I have flown lots of FPV on 2.4, and really wouldn't recommend it to anyone.. I have had some success with it, but you're always limited by range. but don't worry to much, its an way into FPV if you already have the equipment. but rather look into 5.8ghz for video, I personly fly on the 900/2180 band, on 433UHF, and currently looking into the openLRS from HK. I have lost lots of planes on 2.4ghz.. when I started I used 2.4 for both video and control, I thought you have to pair it. after all, I was flying on 2.4.. right, and I have never lost a single plane on that, not than you should do it. I'm just saying no two setups works the same..

my advice .. get..
- 5.8ghx VTX and VRX
- OSD is useless without RSSI.. its 99% why I have it. amp draw and the arrow home the other 1%
- monitor, just make sure you can see the display outside, its harder than you think.
- GPS locator!!!!!! and a lost plane buzzer.. I stick a handbag alarm to mine and when I launch I activate it. ( so its a noisy plane in the air)

I wouldn't go a mile on 2.4, unless you have tested it with you're completed setup.. I always loose radio long before I loose video