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From Scratch ... Kind of.

Ok, so its not a plane, or anything that flies, and not entirely built from scratch. However, I did build it, and wasnt really sure where to post this at, as I didnt see a section that seemed appropriate other than this one, kind of appropriate?

My take on a hand held 2 axis gimbal, re-using a previously broken Tarot T2D Gimbal I had lying around.

Part of the gimbal I did have to make myself, it was the one pin that lets the camera tilt up and down. I couldn't find replacement pins/ motor shafts for it online, so i made one from a 3mm Philips screwdriver shaft out of an Ace hardware screwdriver kit. Oh, and I made the rest of the gimbal, minus the tarot parts, from other things i purchased at autozone.

Here is a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it7rIJfTpKk of my end result.

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