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FT-22 Prop Issue

howdy everyone, first post here.

1. Josh Bixler says the prop numbers face forward in all his videos and that the motor is supposed to turn counterclockwise. (Point of view from the rear of an FT-22.). Well, my prop doesn’t fly with the prop numbers facing forward and with the the motor turning counterclockwise (doesn’t scoop air). So I swapped 2 of the motor wire connections and now have the motor spinning clockwise and prop numbers facing forward. Flies good now. How come my setup doesn’t work like Bixler says in the vids?
2. I’m a total rookie. Very first RC build. Nothing worked right the first time like in the videos. Thanks to everyone here for posting and giving me plenty of answers already. Good quarantine project.



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Motor turns counter-clockwise from the point of view of the front of the plane. So from the rear of the plane it will be spinning counter clockwise. Everything on planes is always done with the point of view being from the front of the plane. (At least that's my understanding anyways.)

Basically if the numbers on the prop are pointing towards the front of the plane, then whichever motor direction makes the plane move forward with throttle instead of backwards is corrent :)

But looking at your pictures the prop seems to be on correctly, so if turning the motor on pushes the plane forward,s you're laughing;.


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The number should always face forward. If you are use a “standard rotation“ prop on a ”pusher” plane ( motor in front of the prop), the motor should turn clockwise (PoV behind the plane). I think what Josh means is from the PoV in front of the plane with “standard” prop. Here is the picture of different props, right hand side is the standard.


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As others have said, the number always go towards the front. Then make the motor spin which ever way it needs to with the prop you are using.