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Pumpkin drop event

FT Bronco Tri Motor

Finished my Bronco recently and wanted to share it. Loved this plane first time I saw it. Tried to wait for the VTOL kit but guess it was not to be and I ain't smert enuf to figure the controller stuff out. Anyway this is my first multi engine and it's a blast. I maidened it with just the front motors but went right to the Tri set up. I rigged up a separate battery and esc for the pusher.

I mounted the wing forward a bit so I didn't have to cut a slot for the pusher pod and between that and the extra battery it balances out very nicely. The glide sucks but it's fun to fly. Used differential thrust as well, still learning that, not much of a rudder flyer.

Picture of the A-tail shows the chopsticks I glued into front edge void (laser cut kit). Saw this elsewhere and thought it was a good idea for areodynamics and stiffness/tuffness. Used the chopsticks for the wing skewers as well, way stronger than BBQ skewers. Also put a length of CF tube cut in half in the area where the rubber bands go over the wing to keep them from digging in, as well as a tongue depressor in the rear. Gift card squares were put at all the skewer holes for renforement. Stole the paint scheme from a Marine plane form Desert Storm.

I don't have a paved runway to use nearby at this time but would love to put some light retracts it like the guy who did the P-38 version of the Bronco. I think this is my new favorite plane even though I only have a few flights on it. Well done Peter! May have to try some FPV with it as well. Enjoy.


That's great! Is it noticeably faster with the third engine? I absolutely love my Bronco. I dressed mine in USMC Desert Storm colors, too.


I flew it at FF16 in combat a few times and it was terrific! I used a bamboo skewer on the trailing edges of the ailerons and elevator as well, and that seems to keep them from warping pretty well. I also ran skewers on the outside leading edges of the wings. I didn't add those to my first Bronco, and the wing tips curled under with each magical landing until it was impossible to fly. Bronco v2.0 is holding up great, though, even after combat! Nice build!
what are the size of props you are spinning? And how did you mix in the third motor? I flew the bronco as a pusher for a while and then a twin so the next step would be a tri :). The pusher was swinging a 10 4.5 prop and was a blast to fly. Still getting used to the twin and just setup differential thrust. It is currently swinging two 8 4.5 props and I am thinking of upgrading to 9 X 6.

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