1. secondsensei

    Help! Dual Ideal Diode Circuit

    Hi there, We are in the process of developing a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) delivery drone. Our project involves integrating two 12S 16000mAh LiPo batteries to function in parallel. We wish to implement a dual ideal diode system that would facilitate this parallel connection. This...
  2. V

    Glider Electronics

    I'm new-ish to RC planes. I'm looking at building a glider (either for tow-release or slope soaring) but when putting the electronics together, I realized that the receiver runs on 5V, and if I don't have a motor (or ESC) then I don't have a decent way to generate 5V to power my receiver. Is...
  3. W

    Help! Good Planes for my electronics?

    I have a 3s 2200mah battery as well as a 2212/6t 2200kv brushless motor, it is one of the standards from amazon with a 30A esc and I want to make a easy to build and fly first foamboard plane so I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that will fly well with these electronics (I have two of...
  4. M

    UMX Electronics Wanted

    I am looking for working UMX electronics including receivers, servos, and motors. Loose, or still in a plane. Brushless and brushed motors. I'm in Southern California. Flexible with shipping.
  5. mayan

    Part List of all the FT Models with electronics required 25-12-2021

    When I started out with the FT builds I was missing a place where I can just look to see what electronics I need for the build and what builds can use the same electronics so I made this list which includes all the details that I could gather for every model FT ever put out. Hope I didn’t miss...
  6. Elijah R

    Help! Anyone know of a good 12-15 kilowatt brushless inrunner motor?

    Hello, Does anyone know of a good brushless inrunner capable of a continuous power rating of about 12-15 kW that has reasonable weight (under 5kg)? For a bit of context, I am building a drone and I need two motors like this to connect to the back of two gas turbines in the drone to output a...
  7. F

    Is it possible to build something using a d2822/14 motor and a 2200 mah lipo?

    Hi guys! i am Francisco from Argentina and it is my first time around here. I have some electronics for an rc plane at home, but i don´t know if it is possible to scratch-build a plane using them. I have a turnigy brushless outrunner motor ( d2822/14, 1450 kv), a turnigy 2200mah 3s 25 lipo...
  8. J

    Gremlin Idea, would like suggestions.

    If I did this right, there should be two pictures somewhere on this post. I would really like a miniquad that I could just (literally) throw into a car and fly, and that was reliable. I have access to a PCNC Milling Machine, and some common plastic used for it, i found out, is actually somewhat...
  9. C

    Tiny Trainer build question

    Hi All! This is my first time posting here, though I've been lurking around for a few weeks trying to build up the courage to actually build something. After a fair bit of research, I've decided I want to give the Tiny Trainer a shot. It seems straightforward and like it would be a good first...
  10. J

    some questions about hobbyking.....

    Hello everybody Once again to my second post. If you want to know what i'm going to talk about please read my first post: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?34743-just-looking-for-advice-for-many-things So i bought all the stuff i need for the mighty ini= mustang kit but i still need a...
  11. N

    Need some help regarding max weights for take off with high kv motor

    My self Nikhil Rathore and recently i made one new plane that is looking slightly similarly to ft explorer but it has a wooden wing spar and i use a different kind of foam board and together all electronics it is weighting approx 2 kg and the motor i am using is NTM Propdrive 2836 3000kv with...
  12. elias-b

    Setting up a Hobbyking Bonsai Wing

    I'm about to buy a hobbyking bonsai wing and want to make it FPV, however I'm not sure how to hook up the FPV equipment. I will be using the Eachine 1000TVL camera and the Eachine tx526 transmitter however I don't know where to plug these into power. I have heard you need a step down converter...
  13. Vampircorn

    Motor Stutter

    I'm running an emax rs2205 2600kv motor with a 40a ESC on a 3S lipo and 5x4 props, and I'm getting issues with the motor stuttering on low throttle. I tried a 12a and an 18a ESC and had the same issue. Is my battery too low voltage or is my ESC too low amperage for the rs2205?
  14. Hayduke27

    First Twin- Question About Connections

    I have just about finished building the FT Guinea Pig, which will be my first twin engine airplane. I am currently connecting all of the electronics, and was hoping somebody could line me out a little on whether or not I'm doing things correctly. As I currently have things hooked up, I have...
  15. H

    I have a weight problem.

    Outside the US us scratch builders have a very different foam board available. Among the differences is weight. Some have said it's as much as 30% heavier. My question is how can I compensate for the weight? I've built a Tiny Trainer and I know it will fly because if I throw it it has a lovely...
  16. S

    Carbon Fiber Versa Wing

    I printed out the plans for the versa wing tiled them together and transferred them to foam board. Im intending on doing a blunt nose versa wing for fpv. Im in the process of the covering procedure today ill be using west systems 105 and 205 epoxy resin and hardener (was hoping i had 207...
  17. travelerdawg

    Versacopter EMAX BLHeli 12A beep

    So, I am not sure where to start. I would like to use the Cleanflight passthrough to flash my ESC's. These are the EMAX-BLHeli-12A ESC's that my wife purchased with the original Versacopter suggested power pack E - good with the 2204 motors. I have the Naze rev 6 board and the latest version...
  18. M

    quick question

    Hello everyone, quick question: can I put a 9X4.7 prop on a 2150kV motor and a 15amp ESC that all runs on a 3s battery? I am a beginner and I don't really know that much about the science behind the electronics, so any help is much appreciated. Regards. Mohammed
  19. R

    FT Bushwhacker electronics setup help

    Hey gals and guys! I am trying to get the gear together to build a Bushwhacker (God I love that plane). However, being in the UK I'm going to have to source the electronics individually and, at times, approximate to the closest equivalent available. Since I'm not exactly experienced with...
  20. Austeyr

    Building First Plane - I have a Motor What Next lol

    Building My First Plane - Quality Cheap Rc Plane Hi i want to build a rc air plane, i own a few cheap quad copters and 2ch rc planes but i really wanted to build a 4 channel plane from scratch. i purchased a 1400Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor from ebay but now i'm lost, what sort of stuff will i...