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What’s wrong with my micro setup?

I wanted to try and make this plane Fly:

Micro Dragon FPV Concept_zpsylug4qls.PNG

So I picked up all the needed parts, small servos, light Rx, I first had an BR1103 then bought a DYS 5g motor, 2.5 and 5x3” prop, and ultimately HK version of a Turnigy plush 6A esc’s a Racerstar one for 1-2S and and a https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Tar...lgo_pvid=5d3172b2-1a85-4c59-b784-c47d581cbc1b. In an effort to get this matched up. I was worried I’d burn out the motor, with a 2s but I figured the ESCs are rated, and a test won’t kill it. Here’s the Setup. I found a fault in the BR1103 (bare wires) but I the DYS was fine by my ispection
Micro Power Train.JPG
As you can see I have a 500mA 2S battery hooked up to a HK 6a plush ESC Turnigy clone connected to the DYS 5g motor. When started the Motor beeps and twitched, in a mater of 20S the ESC is too hot to touch. This doesn’t make me happy so I stop it and the DYS motor is for 2S and the ESC is for 2-3S. I’m not sure what’s going on. I double checked my battery was Full and Balanced. To be sure connected my RX to another working rig… it works fine. I’ve also tried both ESC’s shown. Both get crazy hot and twitch.
What’s Wrong? I don’t understand it. Please FT Community, you’re my only hope!



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First build this.

This may help prevent a smoking. :)

Twitching motors usually means a connection between the ESC and the motor is not solid. Suspect a cold solder joint between the motor and the ESC or a short in the same area. :)


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Part of the picture is out of the shot but do you have crossed polarity in your wires to the first connector from the LiPo? Crazy as it might sound but years ago I received a nanotech 3S with the connector soldered on from the factory with the polarity reversed (red to - and black to +).

By the way, lning the planned body/graphics on that micro. Please post a photo as that comes along.
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Thank you. I provided the product links... for the details. Next time I fiddle with it, I'll take some better photos.

JimCR120 - I check externally. The wires weren't crossed polarity visually, but I will have to test it with multi-meter to be sure.


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Both ESCs in the picture?
The other ESC does not have a BEC (no red wire) so it won't work as there will be no 5v to the radio.
The fact that even the second ESC got crazy hot suggests the motor has a short within it but the danger is it may have already damaged the ESC.
Do you have another small motor, that you know works, you can try? If it still does not run then the ESC is damaged and it will have to be replaced. If the second motor runs then the ESC is ok and the old motor is confirmed as bad.
With electronics 20 seconds is a very long time when in a fault condition. As a general rule if something does not work as expected in a couple of seconds = disconnect immediately.