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FT Corsair

FT Corsair 1.0

I have several 4S batteries, the 2 smallest are a 2200mah and then a 3300mah. The 2200 fits OK but a bit tight. The 3300mah battery has no chance of fitting without carving out some of the power pod. I need to widen by about 3/16 ths. Has anyone modified the power pod in the Corsair to accept the slightly bigger 4S batteries?? Thanks, Ron
Ive looked around and can't figure something out...how much is the corsair supposed to weigh using the c pack motor. Just curious because I like speed, and will add a larger motor setup and want to know what the baseline weight is, and if I have room to add some reinforcement weight on certain areas.


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I will check the weight of my Corsair, but for the size it as a very light plane. It also isn't very fast. Actually the Corsair is more a floater than a speeder, if you know what I mean. It makes it a very relaxing flying experience, and I am sure this was the main intention when the designers increased the wingspan by 25% compared to the real F-4U. I like mine as it is and I wouldn't add any weight.

The only part I need to reinforce is the rudder. At the moment it is really wobbly, because I managed to cut the barbecue stick too short. It's only stuck in the top outer layer of the fuselage, where it should be stuck into something at the bottom (or a former) as well. Not sure how to solve this one now without ripping it off and building a new vertical stabilizer with a longer barbecue stick.

After reading your post, and watching Ben Harbers video and watching Josh and Alex fly it I am definitely not going to try and make this a fast plane. It is gorgeous, and don't want to chance crashing it haha. I had to do the same with my rudder also, I used a heat gun just enough to loosen the rudder and bbq skewer and used a bbq skewer long enough to poke through the bottom, it helped immensely