FT Flyer, crooked wings


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I'm building my first plane (FT Flyer) and have noticed that my wings aren't even. Will it still fly ok?

Everything looked square when I built my power pod, and again when I made the Flyer's rear fuselage, and it looked fine when I attached the rear box to the wings. But when I attach the power pod, it won't seat quite right, leaving the left wingtip about two inches lower than the right. The alignment notches in the right side of the pod don't seat properly in the wing (something's keeping them apart), and I can't see what's causing the resistance. If I press it together it seats fine, but I don't want to glue/tape it like that, or it won't be a swappable anymore. With all of the skewers in place, it's better, leaving the right wingtip only about an inch higher than the left.

This is my first plane, so I have no idea what the result will be. I would assume it would try to pull to one side, or maybe roll, or both. Does anyone know if it's likely to still be a decent flyer?


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If you can post some pictures, that would help us try to troubleshoot the problem. It's hard for me to visualize what's going on with the description that you gave.


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Often times the servo wires and such get caught up where the power pod is suppose to go. I use a BBQ skewer to try to get them out of the jam so the power pod closes all the way. That being said, I doubt it will fly much different than normal. If the tail and wings were off from each other, then you might notice more of a problem.


It'll loosen up a bit after the first few crashes - mine did :black_eyed:. I also have the same issues with servo wires, but I'm sure everyone does with the swappables.

As for the angle, it would need to be pretty bad to affect flight. The final flight of my Flyer I crashed into a goalpost and severed the fuselage just in front of the tail - taped it up with packing tape (not very securely mind you) and finished the battery. The 5 degree bend in the fuselage needed a bit of up trim to compensate but it still flew. It's amazing how much abuse these things can take and still fly.