Help! Ft gremlin motor startup problems


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I have been flying that Gremlin for a while now (all stock EMAX parts from the FT store) It has been great!

...but, from the beginning, sometimes a motor or two won't start up when I arm. It use to be sometimes, but now it is always...I won't fly now.

It isn't the esc, I slapped some hobby king escs on there, the problem stayed.

Where should I start? Is there a setting in Beta Flight I can mess with?

Here is a video of my problem:
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I do not know alot about quads, in Beta flight did you level the quad and reset the gyros?


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Most likely a damaged motor, but check all of your solder connections. Brave sticking your hands in the props like that, not something I would recommend at all.


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This is super common with the stock power pack. I had the same issue with mine.

at first I started by connecting to BF prior to each session and re leveling the accelerometers. That kind of helped. Later down the line as I was finding the normal min throttle set ups were not allowing for reliable recovery or stable in ground effect flight and raised min throttle above 1050 that all went away and has not happened since. I keep min throttle now between 1060 and 1070 and it has minimal effect on flight times how it freefalls or dives and is far more stable in recovery and in ground effect flight (~1- 4 inches off the ground)

Oh btw when this happens all you have to do is nudge the pitch or roll and the motor wakes up and is ready to go if you want to keep a lower min throttle setting.