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FT Guinea Prop selection question

I've nearly completed my FT Guinea (the full size, not the mini). I have two Suppo 1250kv's I'm planning on using as they are already in my swappable pods (http://www.altitudehobbies.com/a-series-motors/suppo-2217-7-1250kv-brushless-motor-park-425-equiv).

I was going to run 9x4.7 APC Slow Fly props on it as this is what I have on hand. I noticed today that the first page of the plan recommends 9x6, or 10x5's.

Also, I am planning on running with two 3cell 2200's in there from the start.

Will my 9x4.7's be ok? Should I use either the 9x6 or 10x5s with this motor?

Thanks FTers for any suggestions.