1. willsonman

    Part WWI Style Prop Washer 1.0

    Originally designed to accompany the FT Scout XL but you can use this for whatever model you wish. A little paint goes a long way to dress this one up.
  2. B

    Help! P40 power pack C prop install

    Hi fam. Noob here. Just finished building my first scratch build and was ready to get the prop on and get the plane in the air when I realized I have absolutely no idea how to install the prop on this thing. Purchased the power pack c with the speed build kit. Picture of all included parts...
  3. C

    Propeller keeps spinning freely.

    I'm still way new to the hobby. Every time I put the prop on my FT Explorer and tighten the nut it works fine for a minute then I think the prop gets pushed down too far and doesn't grip to the shaft anymore. When I throttle up the shaft spins but the prop doesn't really spin with it. How can I...
  4. D

    Propeller type

    I'm new to airplanes, I found flite test YouTube channel and I've already built 7 airplanes, love building them. I have only flown small helicopters, I bought a radio and receiver, the question I have is I have an old blade sr huey helicopter that I was never able to fly so I removed all...
  5. Innaviation

    Flying Bloody Wonder with 10in Prop

    I have been flying a Bloody Wonder with a C pack motor and esc as well as a 8 in prop. I recently had a rough landing and broke my last 8 in prop. All I have left is 10 in props so I was wondering if anyone has flown a Bloody Wonder with a 10 in prop and hasn't had prop torque or any other issues?
  6. N

    3D Printed Boeing Secret Stealth *PROJECT*

    This is my most ambitious project yet... I have had a 3D printer for about a year and a half and have had many attempts to create a 3D printable aircraft with little success to date. UNTILL NOW. I have been working on this model for a little over a week and it is to a point now where I am...
  7. L

    Horrible motor noise?

    I recently got into the hobby and built my first plane. It is a foam pusher with a carbon fiber arrow for a tail boom. The thing flies pretty well, however the motor is a little concerning. The motor does not respond at all until the throttle stick is about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, but then...
  8. Mark 42

    What 3 blade prop would work well with FT Duster

    I'm building an FT Duster with the "Power Pack C" from Flite Test. Running a 2200mah 3S battery. I like the look of a 3 or even 4 blade prop. What diameter and pitch of 3 Blade prop would work well for this setup? How about dia. &...
  9. Aretaic

    Propping Up for Floats?

    So I'm setting up the FT Simple Cub with a set of floats, I'm curious if the 8045 slow flyer prop is still alright with the extra drag (both in the water and the air) and additional weight. I've been using the B power packs, with the 20A ESC and Emax 2213-935KV, Hyperion 3s 1100Mah batteries...
  10. Snarls

    Battling the Jello Monster (Quantitative Vibration Analysis)

    In my ever-present battle against the infamous jello monster I've decided to drop the guess-and-check approach for a more quantitative analysis of my enemy. My quest against vibrations stems way back to my first multirotor, and has haunted me up to this point. Miniquads with an action cam have...
  11. Snarls

    Miniquad Fliers - What Props are You Using

    Well its that time again...time to stock up on more props. I've been using DAL 5040 V2 triblades lately on my martian and have noticed them breaking or bending into retirement a little more than I would like. They are still great props, but I am starting to consider switching props. Its been a...
  12. R


    I am looking to build the FT MIGHTY MINI CORSAIR and currently have a mini-powerpod with this motor on it running a 6x5.5 prop with a 10A ESC. Will this setup work with the Corsair. I don't want a...
  13. B

    Combat Falcon

    While I'm printing out my new quad design, I found myself with some time. SO, with that time I decided to watch a bunch of flite test videos haha and build a combat plane. Modeled it after a Peregrine Falcon. Illustrator scale plans soon! Check it out!
  14. Snarls

    DAL 6045 and 6x4.5 "Indestructible" Props

    Recently I picked up some DAL 6045 and 6x4.5 "indestructible" props from ReadyMadeRC. They are not bought and resold from Surveillzone where they are know to be available, rather they are bought directly from what RMRC claims as the same manufacturer. Trying out the 6045s I can tell they are...
  15. Z

    Spinner Size and Prop Performance

    I have had very good success with the Suppo BL-2217/7 motor/APC 6x5SF prop combo recommended as a "high performance" option to power my FT warbirds. I love the Spitfire and the Mustang and have build a few of each already. I currently use a 2 1/4" Dubro spinner on this power combo on all the...
  16. M

    FT Guinea Prop selection question

    I've nearly completed my FT Guinea (the full size, not the mini). I have two Suppo 1250kv's I'm planning on using as they are already in my swappable pods ( I was going to run 9x4.7 APC Slow Fly...
  17. Snarls

    MiniQuad ESC Prop Strikes

    Recently I have been noticing slices in the heat shrink around my ESCs, and it's not just one ESC, all of them seem to have been hit in some way. My ZMR250 has the ESCs mounted on the arms which is great for active cooling, but puts them in danger of prop strikes. I figure the problem is that...
  18. M

    Question on motor, esc, prop, combo for my FT Mustang

    Just built my second FT plane, the Mustang. I love it. Thanks FT guys! I do want to get a bit more speed. Presently I'm running a Suppo 2217/7 1250KV, Suppo 30Amp esc and a 9 x 4.7 prop. I'm considering changing it to a Suppo 2217/6 1500KV (...
  19. R

    Episode Request: Choosing A Motor/Prop Combo

    Hey Guys! I know you guys did an episode on choosing props, and did a power test set-up. But I'm still new to electric power, and am getting confused by all the numbers on motors, which don't seem to translate from one manufacturer to another (Not all companies list what a 370 or 425...
  20. C

    Can't get Punjet to fly. What am I doing wrong?

    I purchased the standard (recommended) Punjet setup from FT - the Power Pack A (Minis) and I cannot get it to fly. I am using the Loong-Max 800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery sold on FT, and the setup together doesn't produce enough thrust to fly. Also, I built according to instructions, and had to...