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FT Lazy Bee


Junior Member
Can you please do a FT Lazy Bee for us?

I think it would be great with another slowflying 3ch plane but with a different look and feel. If you can do full scale from the original it would be great but to suit your powerpod a scaled down version would be prudent.
I used the Old fogey wing and altered the fuse to look sorta kinda a LzB, with somewhat matching tailfeathers. I don't have full size plans. It does fly really well (or it did till a dew soaked wing let go two weeks ago) Just need to put a new prop and the backup wing on as it did a nose dive into a bean field.

Still, plans and a better match to the outline would be nice.
Bring new light to an old request

I use to dream of the cox .049 lazy bee, would love to see some plan's with a similar wing 30"-40", and fuselage. 3 and 4 channel options. A or B power pod size?

I'm building the ft tiny trainer right now for my first scratch build but will need another one soon, please if anyone has an interest in this can you help me get this seen by the right person.