FT Mini Speedster Build (Mighty Minis)


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Since I am in Germany, it is hard for me to get hands on one of this kits, so I built one from depron according to the plans. I did the maiden yesterday, and it did not want to lift up even with the full elevator, and also always had a left roll, The longest was a 1 min flight of left circles. Do you guys have any idea what might be wrong?

Left roll:
On my full-sized Speedster I added about 4 degrees of right thrust angle to the motor. Without this it wanted to climb in a left hand spiral. Also look for warp or twist in the wings and horizontal stabilizer.

Lack of climbing: Have you checked the center of gravity?


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Hi guys. It's my first time here in this forum and I really like what you are doing here.

Yesterday, I've finished building and painting my first FT Mini Speedster. I have been using Elmer foam board that is 5mm thick and I think it makes the plane a bit heavy. I didn't remove the paper and at this point, without the landing gear and electronics it weights about 125g.

I'm looking to finish it week to have a maiden flight this weekend.



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I Finally dailed in my mini speedster.

2x 3.6 g servos for full span ailerons and lowered the battery as much as possible. The Cg on this one is pretty high up making it very unstable in Roll. Having the lowered battery is better. If I had to do it again I would have made a slight dihedral wing vs flat. But for now I am happy and it's a blast and flies in a small baseball diamond. Here is the first flight after lowering the CG
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The tail and poster board will be orange by request of the family. Does anyone else think this wing could easily be turned into a Corsair wing?



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FT Mini Speedster Modifications

I love the lines of the FT Speedster design so I ordered both the mini and full size speed build kits. I wanted to experiment with some modifications of my own so I built the mini version first. Here is a brief description of my modifications;

Created my own wing design from stock Readi-Board. Removed polyhedral angle from wing tips and added ailerons. Cut and mounted a single 5g aileron servo just in front of CG on the underside of the wing center. Added control horns and pushrods with maximum throws.

Used 1.5 inch Du-Bro foam wheels and changed landing gear mounting method, copied concept from FT Cruiser, to provide a wider stance. Used wooden b-b-que stick and a rubber band to enable removal of landing gear.

Added small shelf below cockpit to mount 2.5g rudder and elevator servos. Added micro linkage stoppers which can be adjusted through a cockpit access cutout.

Covered lower rear fuselage section with stock Readi-Board and added FT wooden control horn as tail skid.

Added FT Elements Reinforcement Discs to power pod and landing gear b-b-que through holes.

Mounted Tatic 6 channel receiver with Velcro to underside of wing center up against the trailing edge. Left little antenna wire stub hang below fuselage.

Installed Emax MT1806 motor with Castle 10A ESC/BEC, GWS 5043 prop, and Turnigy 500/800mAh 3S 20-30C batteries mounted below power pod.

Tried to fly in a small gymnasium without much success. I must have hit every possible obstruction including basketball backboards, overhead lights, retracted bleachers. Broke some props and added some minor creases to the Readi-Board but no major injuries, completely amazing.

I flew it outdoors in light winds with awesome results. I was blown away, figuratively the winds were light, by the simplicity of handling and flight performance. Full throttle caused the plane to pitch up which I will try to reduce by adding some downward thrust angle to the motor. Also I’m pretty sure the under camber and positive wing incident are culprits for the pitching up during full throttle. But at mid throttle I was able to loop, roll, and even stay inverted for short periods of times. I ran through all of my 500mAh batteries and so I decided to try my 800mAh batteries which made the plane a bit nose heavy but still vey flyable. I had to keep power up during landings with the bigger batteries but otherwise it was an outstanding day of flying. The mini speedster tracked perfectly, recovered easily from stalls, and looked fantastic in the air and on the ground.

A little more testing with the mini version and then I will build out the full size version. If there is any interest I can create an article with pictures and plans.