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FT Mustang Master Series

FT Mustang Master Series 1.0


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FT Mustang Master Series - FT Mustang Master Series Free Plans

FT Mustang Master Series

Design By: John Overstreet
Plans By: Dan Sponholz
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The Master Series Mustang is a classic warbird that provides as much satisfaction in building as it does flying it! Utilizing Master Series build techniques and designed by John Overstreet, the build experience for this aircraft is absolutely remarkable. The FT Master Series Mustang is a very scale...
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The Hangar

Fly harder!
I finally ran out of patience, and used a bunch of my foam to cut out a Storch, on the same DAY that the Mustang plans finally get released, and now I don't have enough left for it.

Arg, just my luck... Oh well, time to order another box of 50 sheets I guess.... :)
Shoot! Never hurts to have more foam though...